Adbrite vs Adsense

Is Adbrite Overtaking Adsense?

Adsense has always been king when it comes to monetizing a website, blog, forum, or other online venture. Online marketers have always preferred Adsense over competitors like Adbrite because it is larger and provides a wider variety of options, but today the tide may be changing directions. Many online marketers are starting to see the value in Adbrite and there is a debate mounting about whether Adbrite could actually overtake Adsense in the near future.

Adbrite vs Adsense – Understanding Your Choice


In order to make an educated choice between these two monetization programs you have to completely understand what each has to offer.

Since Adsense is connected in with the world’s most prestigious online marketing program AdWords, it has a big advantage. Thanks to this association the Adsense monetization program offers an insurmountable amount of publishers and advertisers which can be tapped into by users. This is largely what keeps Adsense the preferred monetization program for millions of online marketers.

Further, Google is the owner and operator of the Adsense program and that gives it a stamp of legitimacy. There is no power greater than Google in the ecommerce world today and anything it touches seemingly turns to gold while anything it scorns quickly falls off the Internet map. It only makes sense that Adsense would be so respected and embraced!

Yet, Adsense is far from perfect. The biggest downfall is the limit on blocks which can be placed on a single page. You are limited to three blocks per page which limits the impressions you can achieve on any given page. In the eyes of many people the impressions are useless anyway since they generate no income at all until they are clicked by site visitors. Without those clicks you get nothing for displaying the ads.

Adsense is also not a great pick for those who don’t earn a substantial income through the program, since you can’t actually get a check in the mail until you reach the $100 threshold.

So, how does Adbrite compare? While it may not be as well known as Adsense it does have many avid supporters who swear it is the better option. In fact, there are some great perks to using Adbrite instead of Adsense.

For starters, you can get paid for every $5 you earn which is more rewarding to those who do not take in hundreds of dollars of revenue in short periods of time. Another perk is the ability to place ads in the midst of text and to use full page ads that pop up between pages. These options are not available with Adsense.

You can do CPM or CPC with Adbrite as well as some other ad formats so there are simply more options than Adsense is currently offering.

adbriteWorking the Numbers

There is no way to determine whether you will make more money using Adsense or Adbrite, so you have to look to other features of each program to determine which one may bring in the maximum profit. Both programs will place ads on your pages which are closely related to the content of your page and that helps to ensure your readers will find the ads tempting at least a little.

Yet, you have to realize that AdSense is much stricter when it comes to approving sites that can be used for ads and then you are of course limited to how many ads you are allowed to place on those pages.

To understand why there are such differences between Adsense and Adbrite you have to understand how each service makes their money. While Adbrite is strictly an advertising service, Google is primarily a search engine dabbling in advertising. While Adbrite makes all of its profit from advertising, Google has a bigger obligation to provide the best website recommendations to every customer that uses their search engine.

Therefore, Google has reason to go against excessive advertising since it interferes with their job as the leading search engine. Adbrite on the other hand serves many of the biggest companies in the world and loves advertising, be it excessive or not.

With Adbrite you have no limits on how much advertising you can do on a particular webpage. This program also allows you to determine the terms of your account and how you get paid, such as opting to only get paid for visitors that click through to your website.

You simply have more control with Adbrite!

AdSense is still a great pick if you can deal with the limitations that Google imposes. If you can’t deal with those limitations, then Adbrite is a great alternative to consider. It all comes down to how you advertise and which one best fits your needs. In my opinion, you have more flexibility with Adbrite.

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