How To Create A Banner Ad For Free

Here’s How To Create A Banner Ad That Is Unique

Forget paying someone else top dollar to create a banner ad that you need to market online! Now, with just a bit of time you can create eye-catching, creative banner ads that grab attention for yourself and your business. Here’s the big secret: it won’t cost you a single dime and you don’t need to study for weeks or months to learn how to do it!

Getting Prepared for Creativity

Photoshop is a powerful tool to create a banner, but unless you want to make a living creating banners you don’t need to invest in this program. There is completely free software which can be used to create a banner that is functional and creative in very little time. This software is easier to learn and much faster to use.

This easy software can be downloaded from this site: The program is called Paint.NET and can be downloaded instantly free of charge.

create a bannerYou can create a banner ad that is just as attractive and functional as those created with the expensive Photoshop program, but of course you won’t get some of the advanced features that are offered with Photoshop. The good news is you don’t need all of those advanced features to put together great banner ads.

Create A Banner Using Paint.NET

 The first decision to be made when you create a banner ad is the size and shape of the ad. The standard size used for many ads is 468×60. This will create a standard horizontal ad, but you can also create ads of different dimensions and which fall on the page at different angles.

You may want to increase the size up to triple the dimensions in order to ensure that your images will scale down as you want them to at a later point. Play around with dimensions and you will find what works for you over time.

Once you have determined the size and shape of your banner ad it’s time to decide on the graphics to be used as a background. You can go with something very simple or step it up and use a series of images to blend together. The goal here is not to pick out flashy background images. This should be a single image that is not over the top.

The graphic is there to back up your text, not to overshadow it. You want the words on the banner to be the primary focus unless your goal is just to provide exposure for a brand or “go viral” with a specific image.

You should pay a lot of attention to the colors you chose when you create a banner ad. You want to stay away from combinations that are not easy to look at or which do not blend well. You should also avoid pastels that are not very easy to see.

Some color combinations that work well include:

  • Red and Yellow
  • Blue and Orange
  • Yellow and Purple

If you want to add an animated character to draw attention to the banner, that may work, but make sure it is not distracting from the printed text on the banner. You do not want to create a banner that is cluttered with flashing colors and moving animations because it will be more of a bother to viewers than an eye grabber.

Speeding Up the Process

So, what if you don’t want to take the time to create a banner ad from scratch?

You can always opt to speed up the process by using XHeader or XHeader Pro. This is a very simple program that allows you to choose from pre-prepared templates and then add animations and your own text to create banner ads that you’ll love.

Yes, this program is for designing headers but the only real difference between a header and a banner is the dimensions. Adjust that and you have a great banner in a very short period of time!

Another alternative to making your own banners is to outsource to someone else, but who has the money to keep doing that? Well, maybe you do if you use a service like the one provided at For just twenty bucks this service will churn out a banner ad within a couple days, sometimes in less than one day!

However you go about designing your banners, make sure they promote you well and don’t drive people in the direction of your competitors. So get out there and create a banner.

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