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Tips to Make AdWords Marketing Work for You

There are some not-so-smart people who tart using AdWords marketing with little to no knowledge of what they are doing. Then there are some very smart people who go searching for pay per click tips and tricks prior to placing their first bid. It is possible to lose a fortune with this program with seemingly minor mistakes, which is why you have to know what you are doing prior to getting started.

adwords marketingThe following AdWords marketing tips will help you orient yourself to how it all works so you can profit from AdWords and avoid those costly minor mistakes.

Soak It All In: The biggest mistake you can make is to think you know it all. You want to take advice and seek out tips from highly successful AdWords marketing pros that have been at this for a long time. Keep your mind open and be willing to substitute their strategies for what you think you know. It is guaranteed that you don’t know as much as you think you do right now!

Work the Numbers: If you are starting with a low conversion rate on your website or your profit margins are less than attractive, you have to work your bids so that you make money, not lose it. For instance, bidding $0.50 per click to earn $10 in commission on your site which has a conversion rate of 2% will be a losing deal. You have to know what your conversion rate is and what you can afford to pay for PPC bids.

Know Your Limits: Determine your maximum budget to start out with and stick with that budget until you are seeing improvements on your site. You have to know your limits and do not go beyond them financially! If you are spending the same amount on bids every day it will be easier to compare data and determine when improvement is needed.

Use Multiple Ad Groups: You likely have multiple pages on your website with each one dedicated to a different keyword or set of keywords. The best pay per click tips will instruct you to use a separate ad group for each of your pages. This allows your AdWords marketing ads to be targeted to specific people so they find exactly what they are looking for when landing on your site.

Vary Your Ads: Every ad that you place should be targeted directly to a different webpage or product. Even if you are selling a series of eBooks on weight loss topics, each book should have its own keywords and its own ad campaign. Don’t try to cut corners by lumping them altogether as your results won’t be nearly as impressive.

Go Long: No set of AdWords marketing tips would be complete without mentioning the value of long tail keywords. These longer phrased keywords take your campaign to a more focused level so you find people who are actively looking for solutions to their problems and have questions that they want answered. For instance, you will get fewer impressions for the keyword “beagle food aggression” than you would for “dog obedience,”but the impressions you do get will be from those looking to solve this particular problem. Taking your main keyword and adding “review” or “buy” will help you create long tail keywords that target people ready to make a purchase and solve a real problem.

Keyword Elimination: Beyond knowing your best keywords you have to know the worst keywords. In general, stay away from negative keywords like research, download, free, training, wholesale, or discount.

These AdWords marketing tips will get you started and help you avoid some of the minor mistakes that can have big consequences, but there is still a lot to be learned.

You want to reduce bad clicks, target buying customers, and see real profit in as little time as possible. Seeking out AdWords marketing tips so you know what you are doing is definitely the way to get there!

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