Dominate Your Niche with Article Submissions

Take control of your niche and gain valuable backlinks with Article Submissions

There are two things that you must do if you want to dominate your niche and beat out your competitors online:article submissions

1. Generate traffic to your websites, blogs, and landing pages.
2. Build up back links pointing to your site from other high quality sites.

The best way to do these things is to use article marketing. I have been successfully marketing online for many years and many things continue to shift and change. The effectiveness of generating free traffic and accumulating back links with article submissions is one constant that has always worked.

When I first started marketing I shunned on the idea of article submissions.

It seemed too good to be true, and we know how those things always turned out. Well, here I am years later still submitting dozens of articles every month and benefitting from it tremendously. This is something I have on my checklist all the time and it should be on yours as well.

Article submissions is not always the easiest thing to get started with, but it is something that will pay off for years to come if you can figure out how to really be successful. Consider some of the questions beginners often have:

  • How many articles do you need to submit?
  • How often do you have to submit?
  • Can the same article be recycled through many sites?

I’m going to give some quick answers to these questions to help you along. I’ll also throw in some additional tips that will help you dominate your niche with article submissions.

  • You can submit as many articles as you want, but pay attention to the answer to the next question.
  • Space your submissions out so they do not look suspicious to Google. If you put up 50 new articles all of a sudden they are going to be looked upon as spam, not valuable content. Space those 50 articles out over a month and you have a steady flow of free traffic coming your way.
  • It is best to submit on a routine basis. I like to have something waiting in queue with my editors at all times, which means I submit about every couple days or so. If you outsource your articles make certain to give yourself time from receiving the completed work to submission time since you will need to edit and polish it up.
  • You can submit the same article to multiple sites, but limit this to 3 sites max for the same article. Google will see the same article posted all over and consider it duplicate content, which decreases the value of your back links. Submitting the same article to a variety of sites can give a nice flush of traffic, but it won’t help with your SEO pursuits. Article spinning will solve that problem
  • The resource box that appears at the end of your article is very valuable, so make sure it has a good link and is optimized with your main keywords. You can have a basic resource box for each site you submit to, but change it up and rotate keywords so there is no duplicate content on different article pages.
  • Make sure you know the guidelines regarding length of articles and keyword density within articles. In general, most directories want articles over 400 words now, but some do want at least 500 words. If you make them all over 500 words you will meet the requirements of most directories. Keep your keyword density below 2% and you should be safe on that end.
  • Ezinearticles is the most popular directory to use, but you have to submit your articles there first since they have a guideline on only accepting original content. After it gets in that directory you can submit to some of the other popular ones, including: Buzzle, Article Directory, and Easy Articles. You are looking for sites with a page ranking over 4. Alexa rating should be over 50,000.

All of these things are important to successful article submissions.

The biggest problem I see with most other marketers is they don’t focus enough on article submissions. Don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what to write and perfecting every article. Just get something on paper that abides by the guidelines of Ezinearticles and other directories and you will get the free traffic you need.

You can dominate your market using article submissions, but you need a guide to ensure you take advantage of every possible opportunity and do everything correctly. That’s why I recommend every online marketer have a copy of Underground Traffic Blueprints on hand at all times.

This resource is invaluable for learning the ropes of article marketing, plus you get a special article marketing report that only Underground Traffic Blueprint members have access to:

This tool has helped build millions of websites into successful money-earning ventures. Yours could be next! Follow these guidelines on article submissions and you’ll be well on  your way to internet marketing success.

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