The Best Spinner: Expect More from Your Spinning Software

Anyone who markets products online or has an interest in drawing traffic to a website or blog knows how important fresh content and article marketing are today. If you don’t have fresh, well written content updating your website and blogs on a routine basis you will lose what loyal followers you currently have and struggle to pick up new ones in the future.

Similarly, article marketing is the most affordable and simplest way to generate quality back links and increase your online presence quickly. If you want to attract buying customers for your products or build up your email list, you can’t go wrong with putting high quality articles out there for others to pick up and run on their own sites, giving you credit of course!

The problem is writing fresh content that others want to read or that pre-sells a product well is difficult. Hiring a professional freelancer to write it all for you is very expensive, especially if you hire the very best. That is why most serious online entrepreneurs are using PLR material and limited quantities of fresh written material that can be spun into hundreds of unique copies.

The Best SpinnerTo make the process of spinning articles easier and faster, a lot of spin software has been developed. I have tried a lot of them personally and have settled on The Best Spinner. It is exactly what the name claims it is: the Best spinner around today!

The Best Spinner Provides Routine Upgrades

The problem with a new spinner, as well as other marketing tools online, is that there are always bugs and little kinks that need to be worked out. There are plenty of spinners out there that hit the market and it takes months if not years (if ever) to work out those bugs. I like The Best Spinner because they are routinely adding features and making improvements to the system so the bugs are eliminated.

Due to the creator’s constant endeavor to update and improve the system, The Best Spinner becomes more and more convenient the longer you use it. As long as you pay your yearly membership dues, you don’t even have to pay for the added features and improvements made!

The Best Spinner Gives You Unique, Fresh Articles

The problem with many spinners is they have a limited vocabulary that limits the quality of the spun articles produced. In many cases, the spun articles aren’t unique enough from the original articles. This creates a problem as your websites get penalized for duplicate content and article directories reject your submissions. Not good for your reputation online!

The Best Spinner can create hundreds of rewritten versions that come out up to 99% original when ran through Copyscape. You can get uniqueness rates up to 50% when comparing the original article directly to the rewritten articles…and that is with just one spin through the system in most cases!

The Best Spinner Has A User-Developed Thesaurus

The high level of unique articles produced is a result of the uniquely designed thesaurus from which synonyms are pulled for substitution. The thesaurus is built up by real people, which means the good and the bad can get into the system. That’s why The Best Spinner allows you to choose whether you want “good synonyms” or the “best synonyms,” or just all of them thrown together.

You never have to go looking for updates for the thesaurus manually, since it automatically updates itself every time a user submits a new synonym or decides to use a particular synonym!

You can even store your favorite and most used synonyms to be retrieved quickly when you need them in the future. In this way, it becomes more and more convenient the more you use it!

The Best Spinner Is UAW Compatible

You can set the spinner up to arrange the spun articles for submission to specific directories, such as UAW. That cuts down on the work you have to do in order to get your articles out there to the appropriate programs and submission services.

What’s Not to Like?

No spinning program is perfect, so every review has to end with a note on the negative features some users may find deal breakers. I have used quite a few spinners and heard about many others that are not worth the money or that don’t work as they should, but The Best Spinner doesn’t have any deal-breaking flaws that I have found.

The biggest complaint may be that the changes you make during a spinning project are very difficult to reverse. Once you get the changes through the system, good luck trying to sort it back out to where you began if you realize you messed something up! Some way to reverse progress when it happens to not be good progress would be very nice.

There will also be times that a bad synonym is used or something doesn’t read well within a spun article, so you do have to take the time to go back through the spun articles and make sure everything is okay before sending them off somewhere. This is an issue with all spinning software, not just The Best Spinner. It’s a matter of working with computers…they aren’t quite the same as a human brain!

Another complaint I have heard about The Best Spinner is that its icons are difficult to use and it isn’t the flashiest or most advanced system out there. This is something that may be improved upon in the future, but in the meantime the higher quality results should make it worth learning the system no matter how ancient it seems.

What Will it Cost You?

For $7 you can try the program out for a full week (7 days). This isn’t the same as the free trials you may be used to getting with online tools, but it is a very small fee to gain access and see if the spinner is right for your needs.

If you like the program, you can sign up for the yearly subscription service which charges $77 a year. This is considered a negative by many other reviewers since other spinners just charge a one-time fee, but you have to remember that the creators of The Best Spinner constantly update and make changes to this system and the unique thesaurus is always updating itself based on the contributions of active users like yourself.

You get what you pay for, and I believe the higher quality articles and content delivered through The Best Spinner is worth the reasonable yearly fee!

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