Top 5 Article Directories

Article directories are websites that catalog articles on a wide variety of topics from many different authors.

Rather than being dedicated to one topic, these sites are dedicated to collecting information on an endless variety of topics. Online marketers use these sites to publish their articles as a means of free advertisement for their websites. The directory owner also gets a huge benefit since they have constant sources of original content updating their site daily.

While this seems like a win-win situation for the owners of article directories as well as online marketers, there are some problems that all marketers must be aware of:

  • Articles can be ripped off from directories.
  • Google’s duplicate content policy makes article marketing more complicated.

Ideally, website owners and bloggers who want to pass on articles from a directory to their own readers and fans should publish the entire article along with the author bio and link to the author’s website. Unfortunately, most people just rip off the article and take the author links and bio off the article altogether before posting it to their own site.

Google’s general hate for duplicate content is another serious issue for article marketing. If you submit one article to hundreds of different article directories many of those articles are going to be devalued by Google. The links that they offer simply aren’t as valuable as they would be for original articles.

The solution here is to limit your article submissions to the top article directories. Some directories have made all links on their articles “nofollow” links, which means the search engines cannot use the links to improve ratings for the link’s stated website. These directories are now useless for online marketing.

In order to avoid a duplicate content penalty, marketers are now only submitting to article directories that meet two critical conditions:

  1. Command a high degree of favor with Google.
  2. Offer “dofollow” links which keep high value on the links.

Rather than submitting articles to hundreds of different article directories, the best marketers are only submitting to directories that meet these two conditions.

Here are five of the top article directories which offer valuable dofollow links while maintaining an excellent relationship with Google:


1. EzineArticles (Page Rank: 6)

Ezine Article Directories

EzineArticles is still thought of as the best article directory by many marketers, but that may be because the site has largely remained the same for 10 years so users are very comfortable with the set up. The site allows you to easily edit and manage all of your articles and there are some nice tracking details, such as being able to see how many clicks an author bio or article has been clicked.

The standards at this directory are very high. Articles must be completely original and of very high quality to be accepted.

2. Go Articles (PageRank: 4)

Go Articles

This is another longstanding directory with almost 10 years to its credit. This long history means Bing and other search engines will view it more favorably, so it’s a good resource for keyword rich articles that you want to rank high. Otherwise, Go Articles isn’t one of the more authoritative options. It is however an easy back link when you need it.

Just remember to keep links out of the article body as they will not be accepted. Keep them to the author bio.

3. Article Dashboard (PageRank: 5)

Article Dashboard

Thousands upon thousands of people joined Article Dashboard and started linking to it when they decided to open up the site’s software to everyone completely free of charge. It was a great move that gave them higher ranking and authority today. This isn’t just an easy, fast back link like Go Articles. You need to send in higher quality articles with value for the reader or they will not be accepted.

4. Buzzle (PageRank: 6)


Buzzle is a high authority site that allows links within the body of an article, but it is trickier to get accepted here. The higher value of links within the text is worth the extra time taken to get articles accepted here.

5. Article City (PageRank: 6)

Article City

Article City is another oldie but goodie with high page rank and authority. Only send your higher quality articles as lower quality work will not be accepted. The site is rather basic and hasn’t changed much in 9 years of existence, and they may not even notify you once your article has gone live. You also will not be able to manage or track your articles in any manner once they are accepted.

Even though this is a top 5, no article directories list would be complete without the following.

6. Isnare (PageRank: 6)


This directory has authority and can give a quick back link if you submit your articles into the directory for free, but they also offer a distribution service which is actually pretty good. Isnare works directly with specific websites willing to publish articles for a small fee. The authors end up with increased site traffic as each of these sites publish your article with a back link to the author’s site.

Distribution typically starts around a couple dollars per article, but if you order bulk distribution it does get cheaper. Since the websites publishing the articles have high traffic themselves you could increase your ROI substantially. Of course, close tracking to see if the results justify the cost is smart.

You can easily dominate your niche with article submissions. Just make sure each article is unique and use these  top article directories and you’ll be well on your way to niche domination.

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