How to Promote with MyBlogGuest

Promote with MyBlogGuestAre you looking for guest blogging opportunities to market your online business, website, or personal blog? Promote with MyBlogGuest!

You can quickly increase traffic to your own sites and develop a professional reputation in your niche if you provide high quality guest posts to prominent blogs in your niche. A new website called MyBlogGuest is making it easier than ever to find bloggers actively searching for guest posts.

To get into the action and promote with MyBlogGuest, just sign up for your account and search for listings from bloggers within your niche. Connect with bloggers in need and you will find many opportunities to get your name out there or simply generate links.

Keep Expectations Reasonable When You Promote with MyBlogGuest

Don’t expect to find blogs with extremely high page ranks searching for guest blog posts on this type of site. Those bloggers receive too many requests from guest bloggers to be actively searching for more posts. What you will find when you promote with MyBlogGuest are requests from blogs that receive moderate levels of traffic, but they are still of value to you.

Who is Looking for a Great Author?

The first thing you should do after signing up for the site is find the “Looking for a Great Author” section. Browse through the requests for guest blogging authors and consider the ranks of each blog. Make sure you are looking in the appropriate categories so you find opportunities within your niche, and then contact the bloggers you find worthwhile for your marketing needs.

Getting blogging jobs from this site is all about the quality of your pitch. You need a good idea that will appeal to the audience of the blog you will be posting to, and your own website needs to be high quality. Bloggers do not want to entertain links that go back to low quality sites or blogs.

Are You Looking for a Blog?

The “Looking for a Blog” section is where you can promote with MyBlogGuest by advertising your guest blogging services. If you do not find enough opportunities in the active requests from other bloggers, it doesn’t hurt to throw out an ad here. You may also find a lot of opportunities in this section if your niche is highly specialized. You never know what blogs may find your tight niche appealing for their own audiences.

Your writing skills are on display when you post in this section. Make sure you grab attention and show what you can do so others want you to blog for them.

Peek in the Gallery

Do you have prewritten blog posts that you don’t mind donating to other blogs if they use your signature and give you credit? What a great way to promote with MyBlogGuest. You can post that material in the gallery so another blogger can pick it up at any time. You don’t want to deal with duplicate content problems, so make sure you are not running this same piece on your own site. Once someone picks up a piece, it is removed from the gallery so no one else can use it. You never know when someone will love the freebie so much that they approach you about further guest blogging opportunities.

When you promote with MyBlogGuest, treat it as you would any social media site.

Jump in and become an active community member. Show others what you have to offer and help them out a little. They will be more inclined to help you out as well. Start to promote with MyBlogGuest today and open up another opportunity to market your online business.


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