5 Great Domain Registrar Sites to Get Your Domain Names

Choosing The Right Domain Registrar For Your Marketing Needs Can Be A Difficult Challenge.

Domain registering is essential for all lines of online marketing today. Even if you don’t use a lot of different domains to carry out your work, you at least need to have your own name dedicated in a domain. You do this by registering YourName.com or YourName.me if your exact name is already registered.

The easiest way to get a new domain is to sign up with a web hosting service and use the free site they give you. The problem here is you usually don’t have complete control of this free site and most services become very expensive when you need to purchase additional domains.

This is where using a domain registrar comes into play. You can purchase as many domain names as you like and it is a lot more affordable.

Following are the top 5 domain registrar sites, according to my own personal experience:


1. NamecheapNamecheap domain registrar

You can register .com domains starting at $9.69 with this domain registrar. This is a dedicated domain registry service that is extremely easy to use and very affordable. They are able to offer low prices because they are an eNom reseller. Practically any domain can be registered here, plus you get some extra incentives:

  • Free Whois privacy
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Preferential rates for 50+ domain registries

It is even easy to pay through Namecheap, since they accept Paypal, Google Checkout, and credit card.


Name2. Name

Name is slightly cheaper than Namecheap, starting at just $8.99 for .com domain registries. This domain registrar specializes in registry alone and gives a wide variety of registry options. The downside is the system, which is very basic so it takes longer to do every step of the registering process. Many users don’t mind taking more time to register domains for the slightly reduced price.

Payments are accepted through PayPal or credit card.


3. MonikerMoniker

This domain registrar is where you go when you need to register domains in bulk. The pricing starts at $8.02 for .com domains, but the system is designed to give steeper discounts with larger orders. You have to order at least $50 in domains and you are encouraged to order larger numbers at once to get a lower price on each domain.

That sounds like a great deal, but it isn’t really if you need to register with Whois privacy. This costs an extra $2.99, which raises the price here considerably. Their interface is also less developed.

Moniker is only the best option if you don’t need Whois privacy and can deal with the less than remarkable interface. Payments are accepted through credit card, check and bank wire. PayPal is accepted for a fee.


Whiz4. Whiz

Whiz usually runs around $8 for .com domains, but right now they have a special with rates as low as $5.45. They are very affordable normally, but with this special they are hands down the lowest priced service you are going to find anywhere. While their system is not the easiest to use, they do give free Whois privacy with every domain registered and I have never had a problem using them.

This domain registrar does charge a fee for PayPal payments, but the price still comes out very reasonable.


5. GoDaddyGoDaddy

Most people have heard of GoDaddy due to the heavy advertising and their remarkable reputation with most online marketers. Their prices start at $10.87 per .com domain registered, but you will end up paying an extra $9.99 for Whois privacy. This makes them clearly the most expensive domain registrar out there.

There is one thing that is seriously annoying about this service: they want to sell you everything under the sun! It takes awhile to go through the checkout process because there are constant offers for a variety of additional purchases. Combined with the high registry prices, this makes the service less than appealing for many people.

Using the GoDaddy interface takes some time since there are so many different features and you will have to wait awhile for it to download if you have a slow Internet connection.

Payment to this domain registrar is accepted by check, credit card, bank wire, or PayPal.

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