Introduction to Terapeak – Enhance Your EBay Sales

terapeakTake any highly competitive business environment and you will find that those at the top are those with the most information. Data is the key to succeeding in these intensely competitive environments. This applies to the online business world just as it does the offline business world.

Terapeak is an online tool designed to give eBay sellers the data they need to reach the top. This tool gathers and aggregates data, so you have what you need to make informed decisions when selling on ebay. The result is more sales and more profit.

See Into the Future with Terapeak

You probably know what products are hot right now, but do you know what will be hot in the near future? Trends are always changing and you need to see into the future if you want to stay ahead of your competition.

There are hundreds of product categories on eBay and you cannot possibly keep a close eye on them all to see what products are rising in popularity. You have eBay Pulse, but that doesn’t provide the in-depth information you need to make smart business decisions.

Terapeak is the answer. This tool will keep watch on all of those categories for you, then report back what products are selling big right now and what products are increasing in popularity. You will also be informed of new products that are proving to be popular. Finally, cyclical and seasonal products that are going to be hot in the upcoming months will be noted for you as well.

Advance Market Research with Terapeak

Before you decide to start selling a new product, you have a lot of questions to answer:

  • What is the money-making potential?
  • Have others been successful?
  • How many units are being purchased each month?
  • Do a high percentage of all eBay listings end with a sale?

If you can get answers to these questions before you invest in a new product, you can save yourself from making costly mistakes. Terapeak answers all these questions, enabling you to make smart investments in products that will actually sell. You avoid those “black hole” products that just don’t sell well.

Know Your Competition

Research into your competitors is incredibly valuable, though time consuming. If you can keep an eye on the products your competitors select and how they craft their sales pages, you can get an upper hand on them. Terapeak helps you do that by collecting information on your competitors and delivering it directly to you. If something is working for someone else, you will know about it.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Terapeak is incredibly affordable for the amount of information being delivered. You get instant access to more than two years of aggregated date for just $25 a month (U.S. features). The international features will run you $40 a month.

You are going to pay for this information one way or another. You can pay for it over time as you go into different products and markets and lose money. Alternatively, you can pay for it upfront by using a data collection service like Terapeak.

You will only make money on eBay if you sell products that have many active buyers. Terapeak gives you the information to spot those hot products before you buy into them.

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