Which Autoresponders Are Best for You?

Which Email Autoresponders Are Best for You? Autoresponder Reviews Help You Decide

autorespondersWith the use of autoresponders, email marketing could easily become the bread and butter of your internet business. When it is done correctly it can bring in tons of targeted traffic to your website and can even help you convert visitors into paying customers. Of course, an autoresponder is going to be a critical element of your email marketing campaign so you need Autoresponder reviews to help you determine which one is the best investment.

Tips for Comparing & Selecting Autoresponders

One of the most important criteria for a high quality autoresponder is the ability to actually get your messages to the recipients in a timely manner. Therefore, when comparing autoresponders make sure you are eliminating those that do nothing to help improve your rate of delivery and reduce spam.

Managing your email marketing campaign is critical to your campaign’s long term success, so the best autoresponder will make it very easy for you to monitor all subscribers on your list and make changes as needed. You should be able to determine who is actually reading your messages and clicking through to your site and who may just be deleting them unread.

Rather than just giving you one autoresponder review of my top pick and expecting you to believe that there is no serious competition out there, I want to present you with three of my top picks and let you make your own wise decisions!


Aweber is one of my top picks for an autoresponder for a variety of reasons:

  • It makes the process of establishing a new campaign very easy.
  • It allows you to put video and audio files into your messages.
  • You can manage your subscribers on various lists very easily.

AweberWhile the process of scheduling and sequencing can get complicated with some autoresponders, I like Awber because it makes the process very fast and easy. You can work with custom options to ensure your campaign is perfect for your needs and that even includes broadcasting.

Another great benefit to using Awber which is routinely bragged about in autoresponder reviews is the ability to track who is clicking through to your website on a daily basis. You can also easily track impressions, verifications, and subscriptions. Everything you need to know to tweak your campaign and keep it effective is provided.

My biggest complaints with this autorepsonder is that it doesn’t do well working with mailing lists from other sources and it is priced well above the next two autoresponders to be reviewed.

Get Response

Get ResponseGet Response shares many features with Awber and also happens to be the market leader right now. You can customize your messages with audio, video and other enhancements and you are guaranteed to get delivered messages no matter what spam filters your recipients may be running and regardless of the day of the week.

While the tracking system provided with Get Response autoresponder can be more complicated than others, it delivers a lot of details on how many people are actually responding to your messages and other important factors. It is actually compared to Google Analytics in some autoresponder reviews!

Just like Awber you have to pay monthly to use this service. The starting rate is $17.95 if monthly payments, though paying quarterly can bring the rate down some.

Autoresponse Plus

Rather than paying a monthly subscription like you do with the above reviewed autoresponders, you can download Autoresponse Plus onto your computer for a one-time fee of $99. You can also purchase five licenses for $167. You will need a new license for every domain that you want to run the program on, but you will be able to have as many autoresponders as you want on each domain.

Autoresponse Plus

 While this system may not be as simple to use as the others, it does give you 100% control to customize every message you send out. You can create the perfect messages since all controls are in your hands.

After reading these reviews on autoresponders you have the knowledge you need to make an educated decision.

Autoresponders are one service a successful business cannot do without, so choose wisely!

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