The 5 Components to a Successful Business Marketing Plan

Are you tired of watching your business marketing plans fail? There is no secret formula. I’ve studied every imaginable kind of business marketing plan. I’ve discovered that there are five elements in a successful business marketing plan.

Virtually every business marketing plan failure I have seen misses the mark on one of these vital elements. You will need to incorporate all five of the elements in a way that makes them mutually supportive.

  1. Goal orientation. Your business marketing plan should be created around the marketing goals you want to achieve during the period covered by the plan. This keeps all activity focused on results and provides a basis for measurement of achievements.
  2. Go where your prospects gather (online and offline). In the emerging marketing environment, you cannot trust that customers will come to you if you make the right offer. You will only succeed if you go to them wherever they are and build a relationship with them before you extend any offer.
  3. Parts of the business marketing plan need to address potential customers at each stage of the buying cycle or decision making process. People need different information at each stage of the process. Your marketing plan needs to systematically move each prospect through the process.
  4. Carefully orchestrated and harmonious plan. You need to carefully plan and time the release of each piece of your marketing plan for maximum effect and in a way that allows various pieces of the total plan to support and reinforce each other.
  5. Continuous improvement. Analyze, re-test, adjust, update and refine. Every ad and every e-mail message will meet with a different level of success. The only way your marketing will improve is by testing, analysis. Then learn from your mistakes and make appropriate changes.

If you implement these keys to a winning business marketing plan you will quickly reach an understanding of why some business marketing plans succeed and others fail. No matter what marketing tactics you use or how completely you focus on your ideal customer, without these keys there will always be something missing.

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