5 Internet Marketing Forums Every Marketer Should Join

Online marketing forums are extremely popular in the social world today.

People who have questions or problems are able to get help and advice from other knowledgeable people all over the world. They are also becoming very popular with online marketers who use them for market research and data collection. Also, online marketers are going to specific marketing forums to gain information about online marketing and making money online.

As long as you are cautious with the information collected from these sites and rule out inaccuracies, you can get tons of information and become a more effective marketer with these internet marketing forums. Just make sure you don’t become addicted and spend more time learning and sharing than actually working!

There are thousands of marketing forums out there and they aren’t all worth your time, so I decided to cut corners on your behalf and feature a list of the top 5 forums for Internet marketers.


1. Warrior ForumWarrior Marketing Forums

The Warrior Forum opened in 2002 and has 229,842 members at this moment. Serious online marketers tend to flock to this forum to collect information from the largely American, Canadian, British and Australian members. As one of the oldest and more popular marketing forums online every marketer should not only join, but become a paid member.

As a paid Warrior member, marketers are allowed to gain tips from other marketers from around the world and participate in industry discussions. The Warrior Special Offers or WSO allow marketers to access tons of high quality information related to online marketing and other aspects of making money online. This is a gold mine for new marketers, though some of the most experienced marketers can also be found trolling Warrior Forum for this information.

SitePoint Forum2. SitePoint

The SitePoint forum also opened in 2002 and has 399,126 members to date. This forum started out as a popular place for information on web design, but today all aspects of online marketing and entrepreneurship are also being discussed actively. The focus right now is rather heavy on online marketing and the vast majority of posts are very high quality, detailed, and informative.

This is a great forum for all marketers since the topics are covered more broadly than it is on Warrior Forum.

3. Webmaster WorldWebmaster World Forum

Webmaster World has gained well over 200,000 members since opening in 1996 as part of the popular Internet for Webmasters. Originally you had to pay to become a member, but today the majority of the site is free with paid members receiving access to exclusive portions of the forum.

The downside is you can’t use this forum to market your own websites. They will not even allow links to your site in your signature, so it is used exclusively for marketers to congregate and exchange information and ideas. This has led to a very rich environment packed with valuable information on all aspects of the business.

This is a huge forum that is extremely active, so it can be a bit overwhelming when you first join.

Digital Point Forum4. Digital Point

You have to be prepared for the Digital Point experience when you enter. This is not the place for a lot of in-depth conversation about cutting edge innovations related to online marketing, but it is a haven for third-world marketers trying to turn a quick buck. You won’t find a lot of rules and standards are out the window, but there is still some value to the site if you need to outsource some of your work.

Many marketers will take advantage of the members at Digital Point who are willing to do submissions, web design, programming tasks, and writing content at a very low prices. Besides getting work outsourced, there are sometimes nuggets of information to be found such as good places to buy links at low prices.

5. Ewealth

EWealth has been around since 2004 and has amassed about 144,417 members to date. This is a middle ground between Site Point and the Warrior Forum in that it is extremely active and most of the information is geared toward making money online in general. You can gain a lot of insight into affiliate marketing and can find great affiliate networks and learn how to apply to them.

EWeath is great because of the inside tips on getting started with the best affiliate networks and CPA networks. There are some very successful affiliates in the membership area and they are rather open with advice and information.

There you have it. The to 5 recommended Internet marketing forums.

I am a member of all these forums and through the years have gathered a wealth of information. These are the best of the best marketing forums on the internet.

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