Consider The Power Of Internet Marketing Tools

Did you know that 97% of aspiring internet marketers will fail without the right internet marketing tools?

internet marketing toolsWould you like to be among the 3% who make money? The thing that can help you succeed, while most others fail, is having the right internet marketing tools, & knowing how to use them.

Most of the people who fail, never give themselves a chance to succeed, since they never get the tools they need. It would be like trying to change a tire, but you don’t have a lug wrench or jack. It is not going to happen no matter how hard, or how long you try.

Of course, you will also need to learn the skills to work these internet marketing tools. Tools and skills go hand in hand. Most people don’t want to learn the skills that are required. They have mental blocks about “technical” things, so they try unskilled, time wasting efforts, like paid surveys or clicking ads for pennies.

Or they try to buy their way to internet success, as they get duped by one sales letter after another, enticing them with, “truckloads of cash, ” and visions of, “turning the spare computer into a personal ATM.” Sometimes it seems like most people will do anything they can, except for taking the actions that will assure their success.

Here is your formula for success that will get you into the top 3 percent: Learn internet marketing skills; acquire the appropriate internet marketing tools; & just keep going. The, ‘keep going’, part, is as important as the tools and the skills. Most of the 97% would not have quit if some more money would have started flowing; but it was not fast enough, so they got discouraged. Look, you need to deal with the fact that it is going to start out slower than you prefer.

This is a business, not a job. You do not get paid by the hour, so quit perceiving it in those terms. You are going to be making zero per hour for quite some time. But, if you acquire the basic skill sets, and get the internet marketing tools to allow you to put those skills into action, & you keep persisting; you will generate income on the internet.

Your fundamental internet marketing tools will only take about $30 a month from your wallet.

You can always pay for more internet marketing tools to help make more money, but that is all that is required to start building lists, which is the number one way to make money online. A domain, web hosting and autoresponder are the actual tools. Some list builders earn six figures a year using only those tools. They are exceptionally skillful, but without those tools, they couldn’t do it.

The truth is, you can learn a lot of skills for free & use them with free internet marketing tools.

Take article marketing, for instance: It is a free way to succeed as an affiliate marketer. Basic article marketing tools are free. They are Google’s search engine and Google’s keyword research tool. Then there are free websites that will publish your articles, which link to your free affiliate websites.

The down side is it might be months before you see your first check, and most people are not willing to keep working without being shown the money. That is a shame, because the people who keep at it, very often, are able to quit their jobs. To speed up the flow of the money, there are paid options to help your article marketing. If you effectively apply your skills, paid internet marketing tools can be the best investment of your life.

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