Keep Your Content in Order with Evernote

It is difficult to create an effective website packed with high quality content and maintain it over time if you are not setting monthly content goals. Most website owners will create monthly content plans which detail new content to be added to a website each month. Other details can also be recorded, such as the date it should go live and what should be accomplished with each piece.

While this type of planning is crucial to the organization of a large website, it can be tedious and difficult to keep up with over time. The job is made much easier when you keep your content plans in order with Evernote.


Understanding Evernote

Evernote is an organizing program that can be used on a variety of electronic devices and platforms. It allows you to capture and store everything from websites and images to basic ideas that motivate and inspire you. If it helps you structure information that will lead to great content, then it should be collected in one place with one program. No more searching around for information or trying to remember what you wanted to add to your content plan!

Evernote for Content Organization

This program works from the notebook structure. You set up notebooks and tag them with keywords which can be searched out at later points. You can easily have a notebook for each of your main site keywords, and all information related to those keywords can be stored in one place.

One good way to use Evernote is to store ideas and things that inspire you to create fresh content for different areas of your website. If you get a great idea while reading a blog, you can capture that blog headline and save it to the correct notebook. If you want to jot some notes to be stored with the headline, that will help you remember the idea when you are ready to create content for that area of your website.

Evernote can also be used for keyword research. You should always be looking out for fresh keywords that could be lucrative, and this program helps you organize those new keyword options so you can research them out later on.

If you are often struck with brilliant ideas for fresh content and have to stop what you are doing to write down your ideas before the vanish, you will save yourself a lot of time by using Evernote. Let the program store those fresh ideas on the spot so you never have to lose another great idea!

You can also store images, whether they are inspiring images that make you want to write content or images that can actually be used on one of your pages.

The best thing about Evernote is the fact that it is free of charge.

If you need to give others access to your account or want to use the program without internet service, you can sign up to the paid version for $5 a month, or $45 for a year of use. Once you sign up for the service, free or paid, you can use it on your smart phone or your home computer, so Evernote is a versatile organization system.


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