Market Samurai – Can One Program Really Do It All?

Market SamuraiIf you have read about Market Samurai on other sites, you might have gotten the impression that this is one program that literally does it all. I decided to write my own Market Samurai review after working with it for some time and comparing it against quite a few other keyword research tools. I’m not going to do like some of the other promoters and only give you the great features offered by the program. I want to give you the good along with the bad so you can determine if this is the best tool for you.

Operation Details For Market Samurai

It is important to understand that Market Samurai is not an Internet-based program that opens up in your browser. You do have to allow it communications with the Internet so the information in the program remains up-to-date and you can receive updates to the program when they come available, but the program itself is software that resides on your computer and can be used without Internet connection.

The good news is you can use it regardless of the type of computer you use. Mac or PC, it really doesn’t matter! Market Samurai is operational for everyone.

Market Samurai Features

Since everyone working online spends a lot of time researching and marketing keywords, there are many different keyword research tools out there. Some are free and others can be quite expensive. Some are very basic while others give more in-depth information. Market Samurai is one of the most detailed programs I have ever come across.

You know the value of pulling in targeted traffic, but what if you could target an even narrower market? What if you could pull in people who have interest in what you have to offer as well as a desire to actually make a purchase?

With Market Samurai you can do just that. You will find keywords currently being used by people who are actively looking to make a purchase within your niche or product line. That is even better than just tapping into targeted traffic!

All of that is great, but there are a lot of other things you can do with Market Samurai:

  • Find keywords that will drive targeted, paying traffic to your websites.
  • Discover ways to increase your backlinks for a healthy online presence.
  • Monitor the rank of your websites with all search engines.
  • Determine how much competition is currently active for a particular keyword.
  • Determine how much profit may be gained from a particular keyword.
  • Easily format, write and publish new content to your websites and blogs.
  • Find already-written content that you can republish for yourself.
  • Discover the best affiliate programs through a variety of affiliate networks.
  • Discover powerful domain names stuffed with high-profit keywords.

You can find a lot of other programs that might do a couple of these things, but having them all available from one program is very convenient.

Features worth Highlighting

There are many other tools out there that can do all of the things on the above list. What makes Market Samurai different is not just that it offers all of those features together in one program, but that it is superior in a couple aspects: page ranking and competition research.

The page ranking feature allows you to follow as many websites as you want and to get results for as many keywords as you want on each page. You will never again have to question where you stand with Bing, Yahoo, or Google, because Market Samurai shows your place in the SERPs for all of your keywords.

This is a great feature because it helps you fine tune your marketing efforts and shows you which keywords are progressing and bringing in the traffic and which ones may be underperforming.

Another thing that makes Market Samurai stand out in the market is the ability to track the competition for all of your keywords. Many programs will tell you how much competition is out there for your keywords and some will even give you the top ten sites for your keywords. Market Samurai goes even further by helping you rip those top competitors apart to see their marketing strategies.

Your competition will have nowhere to hide once you start using Market Samurai. You will even be able to see where their backlinks are and the anchor text for those backlinks. Whatever they are doing to be the best, you will know! That gives you the upper hand at overtaking them.

Getting Started

If you don’t like to invest your profits in something that may or may not help you, why not give the Market Samurai free trial offer a run? This trial period will show you how the program works and will help you determine how everything works and if you work well with the system.

The full version of the program is easy to download and costs $149. Yes, that is a one-time fee and you own it forever! You don’t even have to pay for the updates that keep the program current.

What’s the Catch?

Market Samurai sounds amazing, right? It gives you every tool you could possibly need to maximize your online marketing plan and is available for every type of computer system. What’s the catch?

There are only a couple downsides that I have found through my personal use of the program. My minor complaints tend to be the only complaints other marketers are reporting with the system as well, so you can pretty much rest assured that these two small flaws are the worst you will encounter with the program:

  • Using the program becomes time consuming if you have a lot of projects floating at once.
  • It isn’t the easiest program to use at first.

If you only have one or two programs in action at once you will probably find Market Samurai reasonable in terms of time spent getting information, updating and analyzing results. It is when you have many different projects going at once that it takes some time, since you can’t work with all projects at one time. There are different files for every project which means you have to go one-by-one for every task performed.

The separate file system actually works for many people, but others really wish Market Samurai allowed them to monitor all projects simultaneously.

As for how difficult it is to use Market Samurai, this is definitely not the easiest program to use. If you watch the tutorial videos before you start using it, things will be a lot easier than if you try to learn it all by yourself.

Despite these minor flaws, I still stand behind Market Samurai. I believe it is the best keyword and market research tool out there right now and it even outshines many tools that sell for twice the cost or more.

With nothing to lose, click here and get your free trial of Market Samurai and end your keyword research problems forever.

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