Traffic Travis Review

Traffic Travis Review – Getting to the Details of Keyword Research

Traffic TravisTraffic Travis has become one of the most popular tools for researching keywords and analyzing websites, but it can still be difficult to find a Traffic Travis review that gives detailed information on how the tool works and how effective it actually is. The point of this review is to get into those finer details so you can make an educated decision on the usefulness of this tool.

What Does Traffic Travis Offer?

The best feature to ever be mentioned in a Traffic Travis review is that it can be used completely free. You can buy into more features, but when you are just starting out with marketing there are some very powerful features to be accessed for no fee at all.

Many Traffic Travis reviews mention that you can use the tool to research keywords, but they fail to mention that you can do other things. You can use this tool to get details on your chosen niche and even to analyze your competitors.

Let’s take a quick look at everything Traffic Travis offers today:

  • Keyword Research – The keyword search function is by far what brings most Internet marketers to the site. You simply type in a keyword and wait for Traffic Travis to deliver at least 20 but up to 2,000 related keywords that may be of interest to you. This includes words not only from Yahoo, but from Microsoft search engines as well. Save these lists for later use with all of your niche marketing strategies.
  • SEO Research – Do you want to know where your site stands in the competition for specific keywords? You can get page after page of data to analyze in this regard just by putting in your list of keywords along with your domain name. You will see where you rank with each keyword on all of the different search engines and you can even get detailed SEO reports for all of your websites. Some of the data delivered in these reports include: lists of links, page ranking, traffic ranks, header data, titles and meta tags and top keywords. There will be no denying whether your SEO is working when you check this data on an ongoing basis.
  • PPC Data – Want to know who your competition is for any given keyword? Traffic Travis allows you to put in keywords and see how many ads are currently up for that keyword. You can even see who the top competitors are for that keyword and get a list of related keywords that are being used. Your competition cannot hide when you use Traffic Travis.
  • Analysis – This is another Traffic Travis tool that is loved by reviewers and users. It gives you a competitive edge over your competition because you can identify the leaders for your keywords, see their page rankings, determine their back links, and a variety of other information about their site. You can use this information to beat them out, of course!

The Bottom Line

Now that you know all of the features offered on Traffic Travis free of charge, you can see how this one tool can make your Internet marketing campaigns more successful than ever. Your life as a marketer will be much easier as it allows you to analyze your websites, check out your competitors, research your keywords, and plan effectively pay per click campaigns. This is the one tool that could put your Internet marketing campaign on the map and give you the edge over your stiffest competitors.

The good thing about Traffic Travis is they won’t even see you coming!

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