6 Link Building Services Every Marketer Must Know About

There are tons of link building services out there and finding the right one can be a difficult task.

The concept behind link building is deceptively simple: get out there and secure links on as many high authority websites as possible. The more links you get the more successful you will become. Sounds simple, right?

The problem is securing high quality links is not always so easy. It can get expensive. It is dull, tedious work. Many strategies out there are just not very effective and will waste your time.

The easiest way to get links is to purchase them from high quality link building services sites like Text Link Ads, but not everyone has the budget for this and the links are not permanent. Bought links will quickly go away if you don’t continually pay for them, so it’s a resource drain. This is why most marketers are now seeking out link building services and solutions that make this process much faster and a lot simpler.

You can find link building services claiming to help you put your efforts on autopilot at very affordable rates, but the following six are the ones most recommended.

Based on personal experience and hundreds of online reviews, we’ve determined these six link building services to be most effective:


1WayLinks Link Building Services1. 1WayLinks

This is one of the cheapest link building services at $47 per month. The site was started by a well known certified SEO expert, Jonathan Leger, and allows users to distribute articles to thousands of different websites instantly. This is made possible by having every member contribute a well designed blog which will allow content from other members to be uploaded instantly. Therefore, members are sponsoring links for one another.

Articles only need to be 250 words to make it with this system. There is a spinner worked into the program to help all members avoid the duplicate content trap from Google. Yet, what makes this site very valuable for SEO purposes is the fact that links are placed within the body of the articles. Links in the body are believed to be more powerful and with 1WayLinks you can get as many links for as many websites as you want.


2. LinkVanaLinkVana

Expect to pay $147 per month for these link building services, but the phrase “you get what you pay for” really rings true in this case. This is an elite link building service working with their own high quality blogs. These blogs are typically ranked PR2-4 with some higher ranks in the mix.

To be posted to this blog network articles need to be above 150 words and you can only place one link within each article. While this may seem too restrictive, consider that each link put on these blogs will be more powerful than those placed through sites like 1WayLinks.

If you don’t want to write your own articles you can pay LinkVana to outsource for you at $2 per article. This gets expensive if you want to market a variety of links, but from personal experience we can say that LinkVana is one of the more effective link building services.


Instant Article Wizard

3. Instant Article Wizard

For $67 a month Instant Article Wizard will submit your articles automatically to many different article directories. That doesn’t sound like a unique service, but the twist is they try to get a slightly different version of the article submitted to every directory. The system will mix up the paragraphs in each version before submitting or you can opt to put spin code into the sentences to make them more original in each version.

The trick here is in writing the articles. You need to write them so that they make sense no matter what order the paragraphs fall in, and that is incredibly hard. This can be effective, but most marketers will need to outsource the writing.

Since there are no limits to the number of articles submitted, you can get a lot of links built up rather quickly here.


4. Link DominatorsLink Dominators

Prices here start at $79 a month and go up according to what link building services you need. The base plan allows you to get a total of 280 back links for up to 8 different websites (links are for all sites combined). This is done over the period of a month and you can switch to new sites each month if you want.

After the back links are secured you will receive a listing of all the sites featuring the links. If you use auto linking services Link Dominators could compliment those efforts.


3WayLinks5. 3WayLinks

Jonathan Leger is behind this one as well, and the prices are quite low at just $37 a month. You have to install a PHP script on your website or use the WordPress plugin and then the system will automatically create 300 back links for the site.

If that sounds too good to be true, you are very smart. The catch here is that your site must also play host to 300 back links to other websites using the service. This raises alarms for many people as hosting all of those links could backfire, but people using 3WayLinks are actually getting great rankings. You can find some top 10 websites for extremely competitive keywords using this service, so it can’t be too damaging.


6. Backlink SolutionsBacklink Solutions

You can’t actually join Backlink Solutions as its membership is closed right now, but there is a lot of excitement over results being seen from current members lucky enough to get in from the beginning. It is worth watching to see if they start taking new members soon.



These link building services have been well received and will make your task of getting backlinks a whole lot easier.

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