Link Baiting; Throw the Bait & Let Them Hook Themselves

You know all about writing informative articles that have something of value, but what if there was a better way toLink Baiting approach article writing? What if you could essentially toss out some bait and allow tons of interested readers to hook themselves to your line? Wouldn’t that make it easier to reel them into your site and convert them into sales?

Link baiting” is the term for a method of article writing that plays off the natural curiosities of your readers. When you write an article that makes others curious they will do a couple things that work in your favor:

  1. Visit your site to see what else you have to offer.
  2. Talk about your article with friends through social networking sites and real life conversation.

So, what exactly does link baiting include?

The title has a lot to do with it, but the structure of the article matters as well. It has now been proven that articles that incorporate a list format are more effective at getting readers hooked and curious.

Some lists are naturally easier to create than others. You may be able to write a list of tips off the top of your head but will need to do considerable research to create a list of valuable resources or tools that others can really use. Just remember that where you extend greater effort greater rewards can come your way.

Let’s use an example that many people will be able to relate to. Say we are writing an article using the link baiting method on the subject of golf. First we brainstorm things that golfers will be interested in like increasing their drive distanceĀ or lowering their handicap. From there we could conclude that most golfers get really into the sport and like to watch the pro golfers on TV or live whenever possible.

So, a great link baiting article angle might be to list the top five golfers of all time. If you’re worried about ideas like this because you don’t want to be wrong, forget that worry! This is the type of list that will be controversial. Others will read it to see if they agree with you or not and then they will use it to debate the issue with others. The result is exposure for you even if no one agrees with you.

That doesn’t give you permission to just make it all up. Set some factors on which you will judge each pro golfer and then collect all of that information on all golfers to be considered. Set your article up with all the details on each golfer and explanations for why they rank where you put them on the list.

Before you put the link baiting article up or send it off to directories make sure the title is snappy and curiosity grabbing. It doesn’t matter how great the article is if no one clicks it because the title does it little justice.

Some possible link baiting titles for our golfing article might include:

  • Best 5 Golfers of All Time – Surprising Choices Unleashed!
  • Tiger Woods: Still One of the Top 5 Golfing Pros?
  • Top Golf Pros in History – Prepare to be Shocked

Mentioning Tiger Woods is guaranteed to bring in some curious peeks since he is all over the media these days, but you are sure to get some great responses from the other titles as well.

Another approach to article title writing is to use key words that will naturally draw curiosity from others. For instance, the word “mistake” is a great one to include in titles because everyone will be drawn to go see what that mistake is just in case they are making it themselves.

For instance, consider how appealing these two link baiting titles would be:

  • 5 Tips for a Better Golf Swing
  • 5 Golf Swing Mistakes that Could be Ruining Your Game

The second title is more compelling because tips are a dime a dozen and mistakes are harder to identify, let alone correct!

Link baiting definitely has it’s value in the article marketing arena today, but you may have to practice a bit before it starts to come second nature.

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