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AffiloBlueprint Review – What Can Mark Ling Teach You?

There are lots of successful Internet marketers out there but not all of them are qualified to give advice on how others can follow in their footsteps. The problem is they all think they are qualified to lead the world! When looking at products like AffilioBlueprint you need to consider the person giving the advice before you decide to follow along.

Mark Ling is the marketer behind the AffiloBlueprint, so let’s take a closer look at why he would be qualified to tell you how to be a massive success online.

affiloblueprintIntroducing Mark Ling

Before you can determine whether AffiloBlueprint is right for you, you have to understand who Mark Ling is and why he should be listened to. He is an Internet marketer who has made millions of dollars of profit through affiliate marketing. As a marketer with many inspiring words, he has managed to create unique online content and use it to profit from the best affiliate marketing programs. He essentially makes his millions by marketing on behalf of someone else’s products.

What makes Mark different from the majority of Internet marketers is that he follows his own advice. The advice he hands out in AffiloBlueprint is guaranteed to work because Mark has been using it successfully for many years. This isn’t handed down junk that he heard from someone else. He is a living, breathing millionaire and that is his proof that his strategies work.

For instance, when this course on marketing was initially released its website earned Mark $500 instantly!

AffiloBlueprint is Mark’s way of giving back to other affiliate marketers as well as those who just want to be successful online marketers.

The Fine Details of AffiloBlueprint


AffiloBlueprint is unlike most marketing courses being offered today because it doesn’t come in the form of a complicated eBook with thousands of pages. Instead, Mark decided to make it more manageable so people would actually want to read through it all and become successful.

AffiloBlueprint is offered as a weekly course where you are led one week at a time through the process of setting up a winning website. This is an extremely easy to follow program that doesn’t require a college education or tons of experience. It just takes some time and devotion to making it work.

The course includes a variety of topics, including:

  • Researching Your Market
  • Creating Unique Content
  • Developing & Designing Your Website
  • SEO
  • Link Building
  • Creating In-Demand Newsletters
  • Social Networking
  • Web Analysis & Tweaking
  • PPC Advertising

The most important of these topics are covered in great detail, such as PPC which is covered over the course of three weeks.

Mark covers everything in a very thorough, organized manner so you know all about Internet marketing in the end, rather than just knowing his personal strategies. So many marketing courses skip over huge blocks of information in order to deliver just the author’s personal strategies. Mark doesn’t go that route.

For instance, rather than just introducing you to one preferred method of generating traffic, Mark covers all possible avenues: PPC, SEO, and social networking. Use them all together and you will see amazing results!

Final Recommendation on AffiloBlueprint

It must be noted that after purchasing AffiloBlueprint you have to purchase XSitePro as well. This is disappointing as many people purchase the Blueprint program and then find out that they have to spend more money to make it all work.

Here’s the secret: you can use Paint.NET and NVU instead and they are completely free! All you really need to make the AffiloBlueprint program work is a host for your new website.

AffiloBlueprint is a great course for beginners, though it might not be worth the price for someone who knows all the basics and wants advanced tips and secrets. After working through the AffiloBlueprint course beginners will know everything they need to start a lucrative career in affiliate marketing.

The strategies have all worked for Mark, so chances are the Affiloblueprint strategies will work for you as well.

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