Commission Blueprint – A Comprehensive Review

There are a lot of great benefits to Commission Blueprint for beginning online marketers, but a review of any product should not focus exclusively on the benefits.

commission blueprintWhen you read most online reviews of this product you get a very one-sided view of what it offers, with many acting as if there are no downfalls to the program at all. You shouldn’t believe those reviews anymore than you would believe a two-year-old lecturing about life.

That’s why we decided to give a more comprehensive, unbiased review of Commission Blueprint. If you are on the fence about whether it will be useful to you or not, this Commission Blueprint review should help you make up your mind one way or another.

Commission Blueprint Advantages

At it’s core, Commission Blueprint is a guide to marketing with Clickbank. It offers a lot of the same information that can be found in numerous other guides on Clickbank marketing, so if you have already benefited from another program on the subject you may not get a lot of new information from Commission Blueprint.

On the other hand, if you have yet to find a Clickbank marketing resource that answers all of your questions and gives solid strategies that lead to successful campaigns, this may be the best resource for you to try. If you are just getting started with online marketing and know very little about marketing with Clickbank this is a great product that will deliver solid results.

The biggest benefit to using Commission Blueprint is the amount of content that you receive. Besides a comprehensive eBook packed with the best information on all aspects of marketing with Clickbank, you receive 14 high quality videos. Most other programs do not include video files which gives CB a huge advantage.

commission blueprint

The videos give you detailed information on how to research keywords, select winning products, naming your domain for maximum success, and a variety of other issues that can make the difference between a successful marketing campaign and big flop. The video format makes it faster and easier than ever to learn Clickbank marketing.

The information presented in the videos is not simply repeated in the eBook. You get even more tips and tricks inside the written pages, including:

  • Creating and using opt-ins.
  • Creating effective presale pages that help convert traffic.
  • Writing winning review pages.

The information presented on opt-ins is worth the price of the eBook alone. Some of the information given on copywriting is so amazing that I believe even seasoned online marketers should give it a read.

Another benefit to the Commission Blueprint program is that the material leads by example. Rather than just giving basic information and unproven strategies, you are given concrete examples of when specific techniques were used, what results were seen, and then guidelines on how you can get the same results in your own campaigns.

One final benefit is how fast you can get started with the strategies presented in Commission Blueprint. There are high quality templates which can be employed to quickly set up a campaign, making use of many strategies presented in the videos and eBook.

This program doesn’t go on and on about the little details that don’t matter. It just gives you proven strategies that have worked for others along with solid information on how to get results for yourself.

Commission Blueprint Disadvantages

There are definitely more advantages than disadvantages to the Commission Blueprint program, but I promised a comprehensive, unbiased review and that is exactly what I am about to deliver!

The biggest disadvantage in my opinion is the strong preference for pay per click advertising throughout the video instructions. There was a serious neglect when it comes to other forms of traffic generation that are more affordable than PPC. While PPC is very valid for Clickbank marketing, not all marketers have the budget required to make a PPC campaign work.

Another disadvantage is the focus on paying for subscription keyword research programs. Again, many marketers may not have a lot of start up capital to pay for these services and the heavy focus on paid services could be discouraging. There are other options that don’t cost as much!

Those are the only real disadvantages that I see with the program. The templates along with detailed information in the eBook and video series deliver a huge bang for your buck and ensure that you know everything necessary to get started with Clickbank marketing. As long as you seek out more cost effective options for keyword research and advertising you will gain a lot from the Commission Blueprint program.

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