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IM AdvantageThere are a lot of tools for Internet marketers and many of them are excellent, but most of them can’t compare to what you get from a membership to The IM Advantage. This is a program that requires a monthly fee, but in my eyes and the eyes of many other online entrepreneurs, you get more than enough in return for the fee.

If you have ever wondered how the online marketing pros reach such high levels of success and industry respect, you will find out through The IM Advantage. Membership gives you direct access into the strategies used by leading marketing professionals, so let’s get right to it and see what this program really has to offer.

Follow The Leaders With The IM Advantage

No program is worth a monthly membership fee unless it is run by professionals who really know what they are talking about. I don’t care how low the fees are or what tools they offer you to maintain your membership. If you aren’t being taught and informed by recognized leaders in the industry, it isn’t worth the membership fee month after month.

Yet, I pay for The IM Advantage every single month and have been since September 2008! I am willing to pay for this membership service because I get a lot more than just tools (and there are some great tools, so read on). I get up-to-date information directly from two of the most notable Internet marketing professionals Steven Clayton and Tim Godfrey.

Steven and Tim have actually been running The IM Advantage for a couple years, but it is just now starting to catch fire as one of the most valuable tools for online marketers. It is catching on because Steve and Tim put up new content every month that keeps active members up to date on industry developments and effective strategies.

The strategies presented through The IM Advantage are those used personally by Steven and Tim. If you have ever wondered how guys like them make it to the top of the market, you have to sign up for The IM Advantage and find out. They are spilling their secrets through articles and informative videos every single month.

I can honestly say I grow as a marketer every month that I am a member of this service. This is powerful stuff for marketers fighting for their own success.

The IM Advantage Offers Spotlight Products

Besides the arsenal of tools which we will discuss in a moment, membership gives you access to some of the best Internet marketing products ever to hit the market. These are products that most people have heard about and many of the best marketers have taken advantage of

  • Commission Blueprint 2.0
  • Niche Blueprint 2.0

Membership also gives you access to a variety of other courses, articles, and videos.

If you are just starting out with online marketing, sign up for The IM Advantage and go through the Mining Money Online course. It is designed for those with little to no knowledge of online marketing and will help you develop a strong foundation of knowledge that will make understanding the more complex resources a bit easier.

There are also valuable courses on flipping domains for profit, building your list, and marketing with Facebook. Ben Shaffer also offers up a couple courses so you get to learn from yet another high profile name in the Internet marketing business.

While the tools we will discuss in a moment are valuable, it is this wealth of information that makes the monthly membership fees money well spent. There is enough information to get a beginner off the ground and running, but a lot of the material is more advanced so those with more experience under their belt will find a lot of value each month as well.

Since they update every month, you constantly learn something new. I have considered dropping my membership a few times to save some money, but I can’t do it because I know I will miss valuable information released in the months to come.

The IM Advantage Brings You Tools, Tools & More Tools

What many people are drawn to initially is the long list of tools offered with membership to The IM Advantage

  • 3-Way Link Blueprint
  • AD Optimizer – PPC Ad Split Testing Made Easy
  • Article Blueprint – Automated Backlink Building
  • Automated Social Bookmarking Tool
  • Authority Hub Finder
  • Blog Blueprint – Automatic Links To High PR Blogs
  • Free Hosting
  • Hippojaw – Track Your PPC Campaigns
  • Keyword Blueprint 2.o – Pro Edition
  • Link Blueprint
  • Offer Evaluator
  • Peel Away Ad Software – Very Cool Little Tool
  • SERPY – Track All Your Sites’ Rankings Automatically
  • Site Blueprint – Site Builder
  • BluePrint Browser – Placement Campaigns Made Easy

All of these tools do different things and function in different aspects of Internet marketing. Most people will not use them all at one time, but over time you will find uses for them and will be glad that you have them on hand.

With these tools you will be able to track your search engine rankings, pinpoint the best keywords for all of your marketing projects quickly, target your ad campaigns so they are as successful as possible, network your blog, drive in targeted traffic to all of your blogs and websites, and build valuable backlinks that drive your ranks higher.

There are a lot of tools out there that do some of these things, but where else can you get all of that from one resource The IM Advantage offers all of these tools plus the expert knowledge of industry professionals, which makes it the most comprehensive resource for Internet marketers.

Is The IM Advantage Right for You

After reading this, you are probably wondering whether you will find The IM Advantage as useful as I have found it. I encourage you to go to the website and spend some time in the very active forums. You don’t have to be an active member to view these forums, but you will have to sign up before participating.

Take a look around the forums to get an idea of who uses The IM Advantage and the type of information you can gain from becoming an active member. The forums alone are a wealth of information as Tim Godfrey spends a lot of time in there. There are also a lot of successful marketers who participate to help those just starting out.

It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or if you have been at this for awhile. There is a lot of value to be found at The IM Advantage.

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