Learning From Jay Abraham – Internet Marketer to the Stars

There are thousands of top earning websites in operation today and many of them were put on the map by a veteran Internet phenomenon named Jay Abraham.

For more than 20 years he has been marketing for some of the most successful businesses on the Internet and in the real business world. He has worked with well over 10,000 clients and propelled them to stardom in their respective fields.

Jay Abraham is not just any online marketer. He is a marketing superhero with the power to take any website or evenjay abraham an offline business to the maximum reaches of success.

How Jay Abraham Works

What makes Jay stand out from other highly successful online marketers today is that his success reaches far beyond the Internet. While he does make a substantial living helping other online marketers and online businesses become successful in their marketing goals, he is also well known for working in the offline business world. Some of the biggest CEOs for the biggest companies credit him for giving them small ideas that paid off big.

We’re talking big as in paying off in the millions!

Jay’s thinking about marketing strategy tends to be quite different from most run-of-the-mill marketers out there. Rather than limiting specific marketing strategies to particular industries, he thinks of every strategy as being suitable for virtually any industry with a little restructuring. He tends to think more creatively to make whatever is available to a particular business or industry work one way or another.

Proof of Jay’s Success

Virtually any professional marketer looking to make a living developing winning strategies for businesses is going to say they are experienced, successful, and among the best in the world. Jay Abraham is one of the few that can actually back up the talk with real evidence of his massive success.

Consider a quick rundown of the evidence on his side:

  • Investor’s Business Daily has featured Jay two times.
  • One of those appearances landed Jay the front page.
  • In 2000 Forbes magazine listed Jay as one of the top five executive coaches in the country.
  • He has over 10,000 clients putting their name on the line to vouch for his credibility and effectiveness.
  • He has been featured in all of the following: New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Success and Inc. Magazine.

Clearly, Jay Abraham is not just talking smack. He is one of the most successful marketers to be found anywhere today and has the proof to back up that claim.

Inside The Mind Of Jay Abraham

It is easy to be impressed with Jay when you look only at his impressive track record of success, but what is really impressive is how his mind operates. While most Internet marketers work with a limited number of proven marketing strategies and match the best ones up to each business they work with, Jay takes a more creative approach.

He prefers to look at the areas a business is underperforming and then come up with creative solutions tailored directly for that business. This isn’t just reworking standard methods, but coming up with new ideas that will be effective for one particular company and that company only.

Many of the methods Jay employs have never been thought of by other marketers and businesses within a given industry. His innovative and creative solutions often take others by surprise, especially when they come out successful beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. He is definitely the definition of an “outside the box” thinker.

Jay Abraham, The Legacy

Jay Abraham is nothing short of a legacy today. Besides being successful in his own career he has coached hundreds of other budding marketers to successful careers through his Consultant Training Program. This program is responsible for putting many other developing marketers on the map.

There are two personality traits that have made Jay Abraham so successful: risk-taker and creative thinker. It is the combination of these personality traits that allows him to come up with such innovative, artistic marketing ideas and then actually take the risk to follow through with them. Not many other marketers would take half the risks he has taken, and that is why not many others are as successful as Jay Abraham is today!

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