Who Is Mark Ling?

mark lingLets Meet Mark Ling

In 1999 Mark Ling started looking for ways to earn money online and a decade later we now consider him one of the most successful affiliate marketers ever to hit the net. He has a rather innovative approach to the affiliate marketing industry so we wanted to introduce you to his creative concepts.

How Mark Ling Got Started Online

The first affiliate program that Mark Ling participated in was for a site that sold posters. During a squash tournament with his friend Charlie he learned about the basics of online marketing and decided to give it a try. This was back when only a few people made millions with online marketing but many people had the stars in their eyes hoping to make money somehow.

The stars in Mark’s eyes were created by his friend Charlie’s minor success. Charlie had a banner which linked to a site selling posters which was earning him about $50 a week at that point. Rather than going the banner ad route, Mark focused in on posters of world renowned celebrities. He set up a few rather simple websites for free on Geocities and started bringing in some profit on each one.

As he learned to build sites faster and target larger, more lucrative markets, Mark passed his friend’s $50 per month earnings. He soon tripled that amount and moved on to leave his friend in the earnings dust. This was when he quit delivering pizza for a living, brought some of his friends on board, and made affiliate marketing his career. Success came rapidly.

Eventually Mark and his crew of fellow students rented a house where they set up over 400 computers and launched the massively successful business they are known to enjoy today. Between classes they would each put in their time building sites, learning about online marketing, and moving up in line. Today Mark Ling is one of the most successful and highly respected affiliate marketers to be found anywhere.

Mark Ling Today

Today, Mark Ling can be found marketing on behalf of a variety of products. He is no longer the king of posters, though he gained invaluable knowledge and insight from those early poster-selling days. Some of the niches he enjoys marketing in today include dog obedience training, learning languages, relationship advice, and video gaming.

Since Mark got into the affiliate marketing game rather early on he was able to learn all aspects of the business as they developed. For instance, he was excited to try out the AdWords program when it surfaced in 2003 and in 2005 he was extremely excited to be a part of the growing social media market on YouTube.

Mark Ling is also branching out from marketing himself to helping others be successful with marketing. He is constantly seeking ways to help others become as successful as he has been and that search led to his creation and release of the AffiloBlueprint membership product line. This line was released in 2008 and included 12 weekly guides designed to tutor budding affiliate marketers so they could become highly successful.

Affilorama came next. This is the Mark Ling blog where budding marketers can find informative teleseminars, webinars, and presentations along with entertaining and highly informative blog posts from Mark himself. Everything here is aimed at guiding budding marketers.

If you have used the Traffic Travis keyword research tool you have used one of Mark Ling’s most recent creations. This is a free downloadable tool with the option of upgrading to a premium research tool.

Now that his reputation has escalated to the expert level, you can also catch Mark Ling giving live presentations at seminars all over the world!

As lucrative as the opportunities to earn money through consulting, developing his own products, and giving speeches may be, Mark still proclaims that the bulk of his money is earned through old fashioned affiliate marketing strategies. Living in Christchurch, New Zealand with his wife and son, Mark Ling still believes in the power of affiliate marketing to transform lives.

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