Tips for Finding A Profitable Niche

Before you can start making any amount of profit with affiliate marketing you have to choose a profitable niche.

If you choose the wrong niche or just start promoting products at random without specializing in a niche you will never be as successful with affiliate marketing as you could otherwise be.

Choosing the right niche will land you in a very rewarding online marketing career but choosing the wrong niche could drastically limit your income potential. I know how difficult it can be to make this decision, so I put together some tips that will help you find a profitable niche that is lucrative for you.


2 Ways to Break Into a Profitable Niche

You have two options when it comes to breaking into a profitable niche, but the most commonly used method today is to find products that are already receiving a lot of traffic and interest and place yourself in position to collect on that interest. This is what I recommend for new affiliate marketers because it allows you to collect profit from products you already know others are very interested in purchasing.

The other way to break into a profitable niche is to find a category that isn’t being monetized and start that category for yourself. This typically involves product creation and steps away from affiliate marketing, so we won’t go into anymore detail on that option.

Looking to the Future

If you want to have long term earning potential with affiliate marketing, you have to do your research and find the high traffic niches. These profitable niches are already enjoying a lot of consumer attention, but how do you find them? You start by looking at products on Clickbank and other affiliate networking sites or databases.

Once you find the high traffic niches, look at how others are marketing specific products within that niche. While you will be promoting the same products, your marketing strategy should be different from your competitors.

Let’s consider an example. Pretend you come across a great weight loss product that is already receiving a lot of marketing attention from other affiliate marketers. You like this product and are working in the weight loss niche, so you analyze the competitors and see that there are tons of reviews of the product. Blogs on the product are also being used heavily.

What do you do? Not blogs or reviews, right? You go for something fresh. Perhaps a video released to YouTube or a report that gets distributed through a squeeze page.

You will find lots of complicated guidelines on selecting a profitable niche, but it all comes down to finding high traffic niches that still have some room for growth and originality. Find niches that are already being heavily marketed, but which you see fresh angles to market from. You should be able to find something that isn’t being used by other marketers just yet.

You are looking for products with gravity over 30 on Clickbank, but they also have to give you a reasonable commission per sale.

When Choosing A Profitable Niche, Focus On Just One Or Two

Remember, you will be more successful if you pick a couple niches and stick with them, rather than dabbling all over the place. You want to be sure to select a couple niches that will allow you to market multiple related products together.

It all starts with research. You have to be familiar with all products offered in the niche and keep an eye out for new products before others catch onto them. Of course, you will need a growing keyword list to guide all of your marketing efforts within the niche. Two great keyword research tools are Traffic Travis and Market Samurai.

It is also important to keep tabs on your competition. If you know what they are doing you know what you need to be doing differently. You can stay one step ahead of them if you do your research well.

It can be difficult to sort through the thousands of niches in existence and find the most lucrative options, which is why Niche Blueprint was created! You can check it out today by clicking on the following link.

Keep these tips in mind and you should have no problem finding a profitable niche.

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