Can You Find Real Experts at Elance?

Elance Review – Does Elance Really Provide Quality Service and Deliverability?

elanceElance is an outsourcing website which connects writers, programmers, designers and even administrative assistants with clients who need their services for outsourced work. It has become the premier destination for online entrepreneurs and businesses that need expert services at reasonable rates.

The question is whether there are really any experts to be found at Elance or if they fall short when it comes to quality and delivery.

Buying Services at Elance

As a buyer at Elance, all services are tailored to please you. The only cost involved is paying the expert providers that you decide to outsource work to and the membership is fast and free. Actually, Elance reviews all recommend the site based on the fact that it is so easy to signup, post your first request for work, and find experts willing to complete the work.

Of course, every great resource has downfalls and Elance is no exception. If you are not very clear on what your needs are for a project you are likely to get flooded with a lot of very low bids. This may look good on the surface, but the quality of work that you will get in return for those low bids is usually not that great.

If you take a moment to become familiar with all the options when posting a request and then give details about what you expect in return you are likely to attract higher quality workers who are indeed exerts at what they do.

In order to find the best professional for your job you can take samples from each bidder to see the quality of their work and you may opt to interview them one by one. You can also use milestones which will ensure the work is turned in within a timely manner.

Selecting the Best Providers

Elance reviews all over the net will tell you that there are some low quality providers at Elance as well as the cream of the crop which will deliver professional work that blows your mind. The question is how you find the cream of the crop and bypass the rest.

There is no such thing as getting high quality work for low grade pay, so make sure you are willing to pay a fair rate for the quality of work that you want done. Then look at the rating system to find providers who are at the level of expertise that you require.

Elance rates providers according to their total earnings on the site, the number of repeat clients they have, and an aggregated overall score that allows you to easily compare them to one another.

The Workroom Tools

Elance was one of the first outsourcing boards to provide an on-site escrow service which had early reviewers praising the site eagerly. Now they have updated their workroom so it works much like Odesk with hourly tracking and screenshot tools that make using the site easier. Of course, they still do not have mobile apps and you cannot track Elance from your desktop as you can Odesk.

Where Elance Falls Short

So, what are the downfalls to Elance? Any Elance review that says there are none is lying to you as no service is perfect. For this site, the biggest downfall is their love of changing things up. It can get confusing when all of the options for payment and invoicing seem to overlap and conflict and there are regular changes to the site as they continue to work out kinks and come up with new ideas.

Sometimes the changes are modest and you hardly notice them and at other times you log in and it’s like an entirely different site!

Don’t expect much documentation and at times reaching customer service can be a pain in the rear end.

Final Recommendation

When deciding whether Elance is the best choice for your outsourcing needs, it is important to weigh the pros and cons as they relate to your needs.

On the plus side you will find a larger number of working providers which means, the site can handle more projects at once than smaller sites. You won’t have to wait around for someone to catch an interest in your request for work!

You also do not have to pay any fees as an Elance buyer since escrow fees are picked up by the providers when they accept payment. You can reach providers from all around the world and work with some of the best expert freelancers which you would otherwise never be able to contact.

On the down side is the confusing changes and the set up of the system which can be confusing at times. Some of the providers offer low quality work and it can be hard to determine which ones are going to provide what you really want. In some categories it can also be troubling that you aren’t certain where the bids are actually coming from.

When Elance is used correctly it can lead to invaluable connections with skilled freelance professionals who deliver high quality work and make your load a little lighter.

The key is to interview all bidders you are seriously considering and make sure to check samples. Use the feedback system to help other buyers make the best decisions and then use the feecback as a guide for yourself.

All-in-all Elance is a great tool for outsourcing and one I use often.

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