5 Private Label Rights Services that Deliver the Goods

There is a huge market right now for private label rights material.

Most marketers don’t have the time or skill to create high quality content for all of their websites, blogs, and article marketing needs. Private Label Rights allows them to purchase high quality material that they can slap their name on and put out there as their own work.

Even when it is poorly done, Private Label Rights material will give a ton of information that can easily be rewritten into well formed articles, blogs, website content, and even eBooks. It is a huge timesaver for marketers today.

Like everything else online, you have to be careful who you deal with when purchasing PLR content. You don’t want to pay for material that has been ripped off from someone else or written by someone who clearly doesn’t understand the English language.

This is why we are listing the top 5 Private Label Rights services guaranteed to deliver legitimate material of reasonable to high quality.


1. Edmund LohEdmund Loh Private Label Rights

Edmund Loh is an individual writer with at least 5 years experience writing high quality Private Label Rights material. He has a solid reputation for delivering very high quality packages containing everything needed to market digital products. In most cases you don’t even need to revise this material; it is that good. Most of the packages sell for around $27, though that can vary.

Packages usually include ready-to-use graphics, a high quality eBook, an autoresponder series, sales letter, and a variety of niche related articles. These packages are often released during fire sales where a number of packages are released at once and only a given number will be sold.

This is a great PLR service that allows you to purchase the packages you want without paying for a subscription.


Nicheology2. Nicheology

This is a subscription service running $47 a month which was at the forefront of the private label rights movement. Nicheology started in 2004 and charges a monthly fee in exchange for access to a wide variety of eBooks. These books are at least 50 pages and are very high quality. Each book also comes with a sales letter.

The downside here is you don’t get graphics and some formatting is required to use the material. For the monthly fee you can access two eBooks as well as six “products in the rough.” This simply means you get data from in-depth market research which can help you create your own informational products.


3. Niche RevolutionNiche Revolution

Niche Revolution is similar to Nicheology in that the price is the same ($47 per month) and you get two eBooks each month. The difference is this service also delivers graphics, articles, a high quality audio recording and an autoresponder series in addition to the sales letter for each eBook. The system was designed by two respected online marketers, Matt and Brad Callen, and all sales letters are written by the esteemed Ray Edwards. The graphics are all created by a top notch designer as well.

The real value is in the audio recording of the eBooks and the extremely high quality of all elements in the package.


PLR Pro4. PLR Pro

Give PLR Pro just $29.95 a month and they will hand you 240 articles written by pros who understand the subjects they are writing about. This is an immense value for a small price and the service employs professional writers that deliver high quality articles.

The site limits each package to 200 people, so you don’t have to worry about thousands of other people using the same articles you have.

The downside here is you have no way to select which articles you get or which niche they fall under. This means you won’t use all of the articles you receive, but that actually works in your favor since most of the others receiving the articles won’t be using the ones you do decide to use.


5. PLR Article ShopPLR Article Shop

PLR Article Shop came around in 2006 and has a great reputation today in the Private Label Rights market. They were the first to allow marketers to purchase on a pay-as-you-go basis, which eliminates the expensive monthly fees altogether. You will pay a mere $9.95 for a packet of 10 articles, all written by the owner of the service or other well chosen writers.

You can find other prices, going as low as $1.95 and averaging around $3.95 a pack. Since they put out new packs all the time you can almost always find what you need here.



The content on your website is extremely important as that is what draws visitors to your site. Any one of these Private Label Rights services has been well received and can provide the content you need.

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