Using Private Label Rights (PLR) to Make Money Online

Private Label Rights is making it much easier for new affiliate marketers to get their internet business started

It is also being embraced by many seasoned online marketers who want to get more work done in less time. If you haven’t considered what it could do for your own affiliate marketing business, it’s time to start learning.

In order to be successful with affiliate marketing you need numerous websites packed with valuable information and of course that content has to be updated frequently. PLR is a great way to get this done since you can purchase it in bulk sets and it is very affordable.

Of course, the articles and eBooks you purchase from Private Label Rights content producers cannot be shoved right back out there for your own viewers to read. Let’s go into the details of how you turn that rough material into golden content for your marketing projects.

Private Lable Rights Is Not Original

What distinguishes PLR material from fresh content sold at higher prices is the originality. With a fresh article that you purchase for your sole use you can guarantee that it is one of a kind. Private Label Rights content is sold to up to 100 different marketers so it is far from unique.

That said, there are still many profitable uses for PLR material. In some cases, you will be able to use it without making any changes if it goes out to a select audience. For instance, it is great for newsletters distributed through email. When you have numerous newsletters for many different sites to maintain Private Label Rights content is often the only viable way to keep it all rolling professionally.

If you purchase high quality PLR you won’t have to make a lot of changes before it is newsletter ready!

Landing page content for a PPC campaign is also a good use for Private Label Rights material, but watch it with blogging. Google and other search engines will see unedited PLR material as duplicate content, which can interfere with your rankings if used as blog or website content.

PLR Material Repurposed

Repurposing is different from rewriting, which entails completely redoing the content. With well written PLR material you can repurpose instead, which takes a lot less time. As long as the material will not be going into search results listings where it will be labeled as duplicate content, repurposing is enough.

So, how does repurposing work? You simply take a set of Private Label Rights articles on the same topic and combine them to form a new product. For instance, you can take a set of 10-20 articles and form them together with brief transitions to create a report. This would be perfect for handing out as a freebie on your website.

Go to Elance and a high quality report will cost you over $100. Why do that when you can spend about $20 for a set of PLR articles and create a report that is just as good?

Rewriting Private Label Rights Material

You can rewrite PLR material and use it as fresh content on your blog and websites or even for article marketing with directories. You just have to make sure the rewritten material is at least 30%, if not more than 50% unique from the original PLR material. You can pay a good writer do this for a small fee.

From PLR to Informational Product of Value

If you are looking for informational products to sell online, you can purchase Private Label Rights eBooks and then rewrite them enough to put your own copyright on the new product. Just make sure that the PLR eBook you purchase allows you to edit and make substantial changes and then put your name on it.

Note that many Private Label Rights eBooks selling today are not as high quality as readers expect to find in an eBook they actually pay for.

You will need to put a bit of effort into editing, rewriting at least to 30% originality, and then adding images and putting it into a good format. This shouldn’t take as much time as just writing it from scratch yourself and you save money over having a professional write it from scratch.

You can use these eBooks to pull in a profit or just to hand out as a website freebie.

Content is important to affiliate marketing because it is what draws in the leads and drives the conversions that earn your commissions. The less you pay for that high quality content, the more you profit in the end.

If you are juggling a variety of different sites, blogs, and marketing campaigns you simply can’t write all of the content you need on your own. Yet, paying someone else to write it for you can be quite expensive. The solution is Rapid Rewriter:


private label rightsRapid Rewriter will take your PLR material and rewrite it into a high quality article that can be used for all of your marketing needs. The article spinning process is done quickly and efficiently and you can even use the program to get original content for pennies! This content can be used for heavy traffic sites and will save you lots of money and even more importantly, time. A great way to turn Private Label Rights content into 100’s of unique articles.

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