The Importance of E-Commerce Security: Weak Links, Best Defenses, and Business Success

The only way to grow a successful online business today is to set up effective ecommerce security strategies that make customers feel safe handing over personal information on your site.E-Commerce Security: Weak Links, Best Defenses If you cannot create legitimate protection against identity theft, you won’t have customers returning to make purchases. Without those customers, you have no business.

If you aren’t sure how to go about protecting your customers, pick up the book titled “E-Commerce Security: Weak Links, Best Defenses.”

The book will help you understand current security protocols so you know exactly how to give your customers that peace of mind they need to make a purchase.

Even if you think you have your website set up to protect against hacker attacks, there are vulnerabilities in every security strategy. “E-Commerce Security: Weak Links, Best Defenses” will help you understand the four weak links to online shopping security:

  • Servers
  • Network Operating Systems
  • Data Transport Protocols
  • Clients

Until you fully understand how each of these factors can become weak links that put your customers in danger of identity theft, you cannot fully protect your business. This knowledge is key to ensuring your customers they are safe when they put in their financial information to purchase from your business.

You can purchase E-Commerce Security: Weak Links, Best Defenses at

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