5 Search Engine Optimization Tools Worth Your Time

These Search Engine Optimization Tools are sure to make you SEO efforts a walk in the park!

SEO is big business today. It is absolutely essential for online business success, yet so many people don’t understand all aspects of it. This has opened the door to search engine optimization tools & services that charge extremely high prices for some rather basic services. You could easily drop $500 for very basic keyword research and competition analysis that you could do yourself in a few hours!

Let’s break SEO down to a very simple list that is easy to understand for everyone and the take a look at some great Search engine optimization tools:

  • Keyword Research
  • Back Links

It is really that simple. You need to spend some time on keyword research and get as many back links as possible. Yes, you can make it more complicated and get in much deeper, but all you need to be at the top of your niche are these two very simple things.

Following are five Search Engine Optimization Tools that will help you master keyword research and surpass your competitors in back links.


1. SEO QuakeSEOQuake Search Engine Optimization Tools

The best feature on this tool is the price tag: free! SEO Quake is a Firefox add-on that delivers insightful data about other websites. You just have to visit the site or find them through a Google search to learn the number of links pointing to the website or domain, and how many pages are indexed by search engines. You also learn the PageRank, Alexa and Compete ranks.

This will help you identify your biggest competition since those with a lot of incoming links or with a lot of Google indexed pages will be difficult to beat out in the niche. One of the best search engine optimization tools available.


SEO Elite2. SEO Elite – $167

SEO Elite is a more detailed version of SEO Quake. The program will run you $167, but it will give more in-depth information that you won’t come by for free. For instance, rather than just finding out how many back links a website has you will know whether those links are dofollow or nofollow, which tells you a lot about their value. You can also find out what keywords are being targeted in the anchor text of the site.

This is only a small example of the in-depth information you can find here. There is a lot more to be learned from SEO Elite.


3. Niche HordeNiche Horde

Jonathan Leger is a huge name in the online marketing business and this is just one of his powerful Search Engine Optimization tools. You can use Niche Horde to sort through many different niches to isolate those with the least competition. This means these niches will be easier to dominate. Using search and competition volumes, the system allows you to pinpoint niches as well as keywords that can easily give you a top 10 ranking.


Jet Spinner4. Jet Spinner

This tool helps you get past Google’s duplicate content filter by spinning your articles into many different versions so they don’t all read the exact same. This is done by rewriting sentences or using synonyms for many words in the article. Rather than submitting the same article to many different directories you can then submit these partially unique articles to each directory.

Duplicate content can cripple an article marketing campaign, but with Jet Spinner you have less to worry about.


5. Advanced Web RankingAdvanced Web Ranking

As you get more involved with using Search Engine Optimization tools your search engine ranking should consistently go up. In order to ensure your efforts are effective you have to track this, which is where Advanced Web Ranking comes in handy. This tool will track your keywords for all of your domains and create a graph that shows your progress, or lack thereof. This gives you a convenient visual of how effective your SEO efforts are.

In most cases it will take up to four months to really see improvements in your ranking. It can happen faster for very low competition niches, but in most cases you will need to wait at least a couple months. You will see your ranking go up and down, but there is nothing to worry about as long as the general trend is up.


SEO is vital to any internet marketing business and you can’t go wrong using any or all of these search engine optimization tools.

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