5 Optimization Tips for Bing SEO (and Yahoo)

Let’s clear up one thing that may be making your brain waters murky, when you optimize for Bing SEO you automatically optimize for Yahoo. Bing now controls the search results for Yahoo, so optimizing for one automatically gets you primed for the other.

Bing SEOMicrosoft’s track record at dethroning Google is not all that impressive considering my Analytics log shows that 90% of my last 10,000+ visitors came from Google, not Bing. First they put up MSN, then Live, and now it appears Bing is failing just as miserably.

That said, you can’t deny that Bing receives millions of searches every month and has some relevance today. That’s why I am offering these five quick tips on optimizing for Bing SEO (and Yahoo).



1. Don’t downplay the importance of on-site Bing SEO.

Off-site SEO gets a lot more attention today than on-site, but you will need to ensure some on-site things are in order to please Bing:

  • Put your code through a validator to ensure it is 100% valid.
  • Make sure all of your redirects are correct.
  • Use title tags and H1 tags.
  • Ensure you have no broken links cluttering your site.
  • Use static pages unless absolutely impossible.

Does this mean you have to rewrite URLS? If you are using a dynamically generated site, absolutely!

2. Make sure all backlinks are relevant to your site and something you can be proud of.

Yes, you want to get as many backlinks as possible but you have to make sure every link leading to your site is relevant to the topic or niche of your site. This is because Bing picks up on keywords to determine what your site is about and rumor has they take cues from sites hosting your backlinks.

3. Use the Bing SEO Webmaster Center to your advantage.

Want to make sure your backlinks are doing you justice? Wondering if you have any glaring errors that only Bing can see? Worried you will get blacklisted from Bing because a link may be broken? Use the Bing SEO Webmaster Center to make sure you are in the clear on all points.

The Bing SEO Webmaster Center will review your site and report back any problems so they can be fixed and you can stop worrying!

4. Focus your content and get creative.

Bing doesn’t like websites that are scatterbrained. Make sure everything is tightly focused to one specific topic and that every piece of content is at least 300 words in length. Bing really seems to like dynamic and interactive content like video and Flash, but really well written text content works just as well.

5. Consider the age of your domain and what it says about your value.

The older your site is the more respect you will get from all of the search engines. They like sites with some wisdom and gray around the ears, so considering purchasing a site from GoDaddy rather than making one from scratch. It will give you some history even if you wipe everything out and go for a major facelift.

Bing is not asking anything of you that Google has not already asked. Put it like this: optimize for one major search engine and you are optimizing for them all! Bing SEO can bring you a piece of the millions of monthly searches.

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