How to Escape the PageRank Drama

Google PageRank BarWe all know about that mysterious green pagerank bar that brings rewards like extra money for selling links or immense bragging rights that draw the envy of all others in your niche. We’re talking about the green bar that marks your Google PageRank and determines where you rank within your competitive niche. If this green bar has been ruling your daily life for far too long, you will be glad to hear that Google is talking about taking this PageRank feature away completely.

The PageRank that you see when you click onto a website has been part of the alogorithm used to rank websites and many people have been overwhelmed for years chasing a higher rank. Now, Google is claiming this is actually an unimportant detail that might be done away with completely.

An Image of the PageRank Past

PageRanks only change when Google does an export of data to the public domain. This doesn’t happen very often which means that your PageRank is not updated very often. That rank you are chasing is actually an image of the past that doesn’t tell you anything about what Google thinks of your website today.

When you hear people claiming to have found some massively successful secret to jumping ranks in a very short period of time they usually just got lucky and Google happened to do an update right after they started the new promotion. They didn’t actually make the huge PageRank leap out of that one promotion alone.

It’s the same thing when it comes to PageRanks that seem to sit at zero for months on end. Google just hasn’t done an export yet.

Stop the PageRank Drama

So, Google has come out in the open about the worthlessness of the PageRank, but most people continue to chase higher rankings. Why go through the drama for something that is worthless?

Many people simply don’t understand what a PageRank is. They think that if they can get a high PR they will be ranked highly by Google. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the way it works with Google. There are many PR1 websites that blow some PR5 websites out of the water when it comes to actual Google ranking.

It is also often believed that receiving inbound links from sites with high PageRank will deliver higher search engine rankings. Once again, this just isn’t always the case. There is no guarantee that you will get higher PR yourself or higher rankings in the search engines.

Of course, much of the PR allure comes down to seeing how you stack up to others within your niche. When you have a high PR you feel like you are doing things correct and beating out the competition. When you get stuck at zero you feel exactly the opposite and may trash a completely good site. It’s all drama that makes you feel great or lousy about your efforts.

You may enjoy bragging about your high PR sites, but mainly you feel like you aren’t wasting your time or money when the PR continually rises. You have hope for the future and feel like you are doing a great job. It’s very rewarding on this level to participate in the PageRank drama.

The problem is your PR has nothing to do with your rate of traffic or your conversion rates. Those are the things that really determine if you are doing a great job but they are not taken into account for your PR. I’m no longer impressed just by high PageRank, but I am impressed when a lower rank is pulling in thousands of visitors and dollars of profit every month.

I am impressed by the earnings potential and real results of a site. In my opinion, those are the things we should all be comparing and bragging about, not just the PageRank.

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