Search Engine Optimization Strategy

The Most Effective Search Engine Optimization Strategy You Can Use Today!

search engine optimization strategyYou need your site on that elusive page one of the search engines to get the massive response to your website that you know it deserves, and an effective search engine optimization strategy is the way to get there. There is no other way to go to the next level and rise above your competitors, which is why I am going to show you some of the best SEO Techniques.

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The Best Search Engine Optimization Strategy.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is where it all began years ago. If you didn’t use this type of search engine optimization strategy you would not get noticed in the ecommerce world. While this is still true today, it is not nearly as important as the other types of optimization to be listed below. This is perhaps 15% of your SEO efforts. Without it you will fail but it can’t be your only strategy.

So, what does on-page optimization include?

  • Keyword rich content
  • Alt tags on imagery
  • Deep navigation
  • Keyword rich links
  • Title tags
  • Optimized code

Off-page SEO will make up the bulk of your search engine optimization strategy plan. The following SEO elements are all off-page duties.

Article Marketing

Writing articles optimized with a specific keyword and then listing that article with online directories is nothing new. Of course, you provide a link to your site with every article. This search engine optimization strategy has been around for some time, but it is still highly effective.

Search engines pick up on links coming from these article directories because they are such high traffic sites. As long as you are continually submitting new articles to keep the results coming, these backlinks coming from the articles will serve your internet business well.

Backlinks from Trusted Sites

Another important search engine optimization strategy you most definitely want to utilize is obtaining trusted backlinks. Besides the backlinks you get from marketing articles, you need to secure backlinks from sites that Google respects. These sites are known as trusted sites and generally will end in .gov or .edu. You can also get trusted site backlinks from Yahoo, DMOZ, and other high traffic search sites.

Link Baiting

When you use link baiting to secure a nice stream of traffic you are resting on the principle that content is king. You spend a good amount of time compiling content that is so compelling and valuable that it naturally draws attention from other sites. For instance, a website on dog training may put together a huge list of common dog problems and possible solutions, giving thousands of readers exactly what they are looking for. Other dog training websites will find this useful and pass it along to their readers along with your link. Another great search engine optimization strategy.

Social Marketing

Social marketing sites like Facebook and Twitter are huge today with hundreds of thousands of visitors logged on at all times. You can take advantage of them by propping yourself and your business up as the expert in your field. Take care to provide useful information that shows you know your stuff and you will intrigue others to visit your website or investigate you further.

Going Viral

Viral marketing occurs when you create something of great value that people naturally pass around from one person to another. You essentially get free word of mouth advertising on behalf of your business! It is difficult to measure the results when using this type of search engine optimization strategy, but it can also be very lucrative when it works.

Some forms of viral marketing include:

  • YouTube videos
  • Free reports
  • Squeeze pages
  • Free software distribution

In order for any of this to work you have to develop a search engine optimization strategy that incorporates all of these things.

You need to be working on them all at once since nothing on the list will be massively successful alone. You need to set up an SEO plan and get to work on it. Make sure you are constantly measuring results and tweaking the plan as needed.

There you have it. The very best of my search engine optimization strategy that I use on a regular basis.

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