Top 10 SEO Information Sources

Every online business owner wants their share of free search engine traffic. The problem is, it seems like the search engine game is changing every minute or two. Thankfully, there are a number of resources to turn to when you need up-to-date SEO information. Here are 10 of the best ones.

Site #1: SEOmoz


SEOmoz is actually the developer of search engine optimization software, but they also happen to have a very informative and well-read blog. Content is written by a variety of writers and the comments are often just as informative as the posts. Definitely a must for the RSS feed and some of the best SEO information.



Site #2: SEO Book

SEO Book

Known to tell it like it is and even ruffle a few feathers, Aaron Wall has never shied away from providing advice, even when it hurts. Aaron’s posts are always very detailed and offer proof, just about every step the way.





Site #3: Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch

This extremely SEO information rich website is updated multiple times daily. It can be a little overwhelming to keep up, but if you’re looking for the latest news, you’ll likely find it here.




Site #4: Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land was created by Danny Sullivan, a journalist who has been covering search engines for over 11 years. They run a very active blog and host several in-person events throughout the year.




Site #5: Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal

Another very active site with the latest search engine news and advice. With many guest contributors there is always plenty of variety and thorough coverage of a wide variety of topics about SEO information.





Site #6: Michael Gray

Michael Gray

Known as “Graywolf,” Michale Gray knows his search engines. His site is not updated as frequently as some of the online search engine magazine sites, but the advice is powerful.





Site #7: Matt Cutts

SEO Information from Matt Cutts

Matt is the head of the Google Search Quality team and is one of the few people who answers public questions about Google online. However, anything he posts or says comes with a disclaimer that he is speaking personally and not for Google. His blog isn’t updated too frequently, but following him on Twitter and Google+ can prove quite useful.




Site #8: Nick Stamoulis – Search Engine Optimization Journal

SEO Information From The Nick Stamoulis - Search Engine Optimization Journal

Not to be confused with Search Engine Journal, this is a one-man blog by Nick Stamoulis. He’s the head of his own SEO company and shares useful SEO information with the readers of his blog.





Site #9: Rae Hoffman-Dolan – Sugarrae

Rae Hoffman-Dolan – Sugarrae SEO Information

Now, the Sugarrae website is not actually an SEO site. It’s intended to be an affiliate marketing blog and sadly, she doesn’t update it all that often. However, that’s because she is very busy with actually working on websites for her own company and her clients. If you’ve ever heard Rae speak or read an interview, you know she knows what she’s talking about.



Site #10: SEO by the Sea

SEO Information From SEO By The Sea

SEO by the Sea is quite a technical blog created by Bill Slawski. According to Bill, “The SEO by the Sea blog keeps an eye on SEO information directly from the search engines such as patent filings and whitepapers, to share some of the assumptions and processes behind how search engines work, how they rank web pages, and whether or not they might have some surprises for us in the future.”




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