Top 10 Social Media Information Sources

It’s a social world, no doubt, and most businesses know that they have to embrace social media in some way to grow and flourish. If you’re looking for social media information, this top 10 list provides you with some great resources that are just a click away.

Site #1: Social Media Examiner

Social Media Information Site #1 Social Media Examiner

Love or hate the cutesie mascot, Social Media Examiner offers valuable social media advice to business owners. The blog is updated frequently by a team of writers who provide social media updates, case studies and tips for success through social media.


Site #2: Mashable

Social Media Information Site #2 Mashable

Often regarded as the tabloid of the social media world, Mashable produces a tremendous amount of social media information and tech information. They boast a huge readership (over 20 million unique monthly visitors) that keeps coming back to the site over and over again.

Site #3: Mari Smith

Social Media Information Site #3 Mari Smith

Well-regarded and extremely likeable, Mari Smith is known as a Facebook expert, but is a well-rounded social media expert. Users can keep up with Mari on her blog and should definitely follow her on their favorite social network, where she certainly has an active presence. You can also find dates for her speaking engagements and her books.


Site #4: Social Media Today

Social Media Information Site #4 Social Media Today

Social Media Today is an active blog they describe as “an independent, online community for professionals in PR, marketing, advertising, or any other discipline where a thorough understanding of social media is mission-critical.” This social media information site includes original content written by contributors and curated content selected by their editorial staff.


Site #5: Jeff Bullas

Social Media Information Site #5 Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas is highly regarded in the world of social media for marketing. He works as a consultant, coach and speaker to help businesses and individuals get the most out of social media approaches. While Jeff writes most of the content for the site, he does occasionally have guest writers too.




Site #6: Brian Solis

Social Media Information Site #6 Brian Solis

Brian Solis is frequently mentioned when people talk about social media experts. His blog includes plenty of real life case studies of businesses using social media. In addition to the blog, visitors to the website can find his speaking schedule.





Site #7: UnMarketing – Scott Stratten

Social Media Information Site #7 UnMarketing

While on the surface, Scott Stratten may appear like a guy who just likes to rant about the way people use social media, there is something much deeper. His blog posts are always interesting and whether you agree with them all or not, there is always something to be learned.




Site #8: Social Media Explorer

Social Media Information Site #8 Social Media Explorer

Social Media Explorer is headed by Jason Falls and Aaron Marshall. The site focuses on social media information and public relations. Their organization also offers social media business summits throughout the United States.




Site #9: Social Mouths

Social Media Information Site #9 Social Mouths

Written by Francisco Rosales, this blog offers well thought out, with the nuts and bolts instructions today’s entrepreneur needs to make it in social media. Named as the #1 social media information blog in 2012 by Social Media Examiner, you know it’s worth checking out.




Site #10: Viral Blog

Social Media Information Site #10 Viral Blog

Viral Blog presents useful case studies in social media and attempts to identify upcoming trends. They are currently ranked as #70 in AdAge Power 150. Post are written by their regular bloggers and guest contributors.





There you have it, our top 10 sites for getting all the social media information  you need to succeed in this social world.


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