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Your rank is your paycheck if you work online. Regardless of your niche, how long you have been an online entrepreneur, or how many websites and blogs you own, you have to get noticed by Google and the other search engines if you are to have a chance at making a living.

Many new entrepreneurs struggle to climb the Google ranks and many get frustrated and go back to their day jobs before they ever figure out the secrets. This is probably because the secrets are constantly changing as new tools are released. Those who do eventually make it to the top and find a way to earn their share of the Internet money bag are those who look for the newest weapons and use them before everyone else.

Web Traffic GeniusRight now, Web Traffic Genius is one of the most powerful weapons out there. Anyone concerned with the livelihood of their websites and blogs will be interested in learning more about this program.

The goal of Web Traffic Genius is to take posts on your blogs and content from your websites and broadcast them through RSS feeds. The more feeds you put out through the RSS aggregators, the more backlinks you secure for your website. The more backlinks you achieve the more positive attention you will get from the search engines, especially Google. The more attention you get from the search engines, the higher rates of fresh traffic you will experience on your sites.

You know the rest of the equation…the more traffic you receive the greater your chances for newsletter sign ups and sales!

How can Web Traffic Genius help you bring this equation to life?  Here is a quick list of the biggest benefits to using this program  

  1. Works with blogs or websites.
  2. Install the settings once and then import into as many blogs and websites as you want, quickly.
  3. Works on autopilot with little attention from you.
  4. Doesn’t interfere with other RSS feed used on your site.
  5. Only creates backlinks to sites with a PR5 rank or higher.
  6. Creates tons of backlinks in a very short period of time.
  7. Helpful videos walk you through multiple ways to utilize the program.

When you purchase Web Traffic Genius, you can use the website version or the plugin for blogs. That means anyone can use it, regardless of the type of sites maintained!

I have to admit it does take some effort to get the program up and running on the first site. They equip you with detailed videos that show exactly how to do it, step by step, but be prepared to focus and put your mind to the task because a lot of people do find it challenging.

The good news is you can quickly export the settings onto all of your other sites once you get it installed correctly on the first site. It can be used on unlimited sites, so you never have to worry about making repeat purchases every time you open a new blog or start a new website.

Once Web Traffic Genius has been installed, it does the work for you. Get the settings right and it will automatically generate your RSS feeds and send them out to up to 20 different aggregators. You don’t have to sit by the computer hour after hour doing it all manually because the program does it for you on autopilot. You will get more feeds out there in very little time, since you aren’t relying on human speed.

Do you run another RSS feed on your sites? Don’t worry! Web Traffic Genius will work independently without interfering with your other aggregators. They won’t even know it is there.

Now, if you know anything about search engine ranking and backlinks, you know that the quality of backlinks matters a lot. If Web Traffic Genius just threw out feeds to collect backlinks from any old website you would get a lot more backlinks, but many of them would work more against you than for you.

The good news is Web Traffic Genius only delivers backlinks on sites ranked PR5 or higher. You get high quality backlinks on high quality websites that will deliver a lot of Google love in a very short period of time. Most people who use the program see drastic increases in traffic to their sites within a week!

While the benefits from using this tool can be felt for a long time to come, this is not a long term marketing tool. You won’t have to wait for months to see the results. When used correctly, you could even see some improvements in your online presence after just a few days of use. You can definitely expect to see some type of progress in one week.

There are a lot of little tricks to getting even greater results from Web Traffic genius. For instance, the program will automatically send your RSS feeds to up to 20 different aggregators, but if you open multiple accounts with some of the better aggregators you can increase the number of backlinks you receive dramatically.

I don’t have time to go through all of the tips for using Web Traffic Genius effectively, but you can learn a lot from watching the videos that come with the program. Just get past that initial pain-in-the-rear installation process and you can start exploring different ways to get better and better results from the tool.

You will be hard pressed to find Web Traffic Genius reviews which claim the program doesn’t work, but there are many personal reviews out there reporting very impressive results.

RSS feeds are just the newest tool being used for online marketing success. There will be other tools that come along in the future and you should keep your eye open for them. In the meantime, the smart online entrepreneurs who want to rise to the top are grabbing onto Web Traffic Genius to make securing backlinks easier and faster.

Will you be one of them or will you be one of the many who try to do it all manually, get frustrated from the lack of results, and give up. Botton line is you can’t go wrong with Web Traffic Genius.

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