Master the “About Us” Page – Introductions are Powerful

Don’t underestimate the importance of your “about us” page. Many website owners are surprised to find that this is one of the highest ranked pages on their site. Readers check this page for a virtual introduction. It’s like your handshake to the world, so it has to be firm and effective.

A well formed “about us” page can do several things:

  •  Establish credibility
  • Gain trust
  • Motivate visitors into action

Now that you know why this page is important, let’s explore some proven tips for creating a masterful “about us” page.

Show Your True Colors

Make sure your voice really shines through this page. You don’t have to come up with super creative ideas, but you do have to be yourself. There is something very unique about you. There is something that sets you apart from all the other websites out there sharing your niche. Those things are what need to be highlighted on your “about us” page.

Put a Face on It

Many people get shy when it comes to posting a picture of their face online, but your website will benefit if you get the nerve. Visitors respond more to websites that have a friendly face attached. Just posting a picture will go a long way to establish the trust and respect of your visitors. If you have a team working with you, make sure everyone has their mug shot posted along with their personal introduction.

Organization is Key

It is much easier to read (and write) an “about us” page that is broken down into clear categories with subtitles. Here is a quick list of categories that are commonly used:

  • About (insert business or site name)
  • Our Vision
  • Mission Statement
  • Our History
  • Who is (insert your name)?
  • Why Us?

Call for Action

Every page on your site should come down to some type of call to action. There is something you want your visitors to do after taking in the information you are presenting. Many people leave that call to action off the “about us” page, but that is a mistake.

Here is a quick list of some commonly used calls to action:

  • Download a free report
  • Contact us
  • Request a free quote
  • Share on social media
  • Don’t pass up this deal…

Never put up your very first draft of the “about us” page. Write down what you believe your visitors need to hear and what you want to share, and then work that into a rough draft. While it is usually unnecessary to detail twenty years of life history, you do want to brag a little about your accomplishments as they relate to the topic of the website. A little gloating is allowed here, as long as it is relevant to the site.

Don’t limit “about us” content to your own words. If you have short testimonials that highlight your accomplishments or capabilities, include them. If there was a favorable review of you on another site, put up a quote with a link to it. Readers want to hear what others think of you, not just what you think of yourself.

Many people forget about optimizing their “about us” page and that is another mistake. Slip your main keywords in there a few times.

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