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Free Website AnalyticsThere is a dilemma when setting up a new website. You don’t necessarily have the money to pay for a good website analytics program, yet you know that you need the data if the site is ever to be a success. Some will just go without the data, but the smart website owner will tap into simple website analytics tools that are offered for free. Some of those programs are listed here, so you never have to go without the data you need.

1. General Website Analytics Programs

You need a website analytics platform that offers a wide variety of data, from basic traffic and search data to referral data, content data, and beyond. There are three free platforms that offer this variety of data:

* Google Analytics – Google is the giant of the search engine world, so it only makes sense that it would be the source of all the data you would ever need. All the data from Google Analytics are free, but remember that Google links all of your websites together when you use these services. If you sometimes play around with backlink or marketing strategies that aren’t completely conventional or white hat, you may not want those sites connected to your conventional sites.

* GoingUp – You can get all of the data reported by Google wigh GoingUp, plus you get heatmap tracking. This means you get a graphical display that shows exactly where your visitors are clicking. GoingUp ia a wordpress plugin that is invaluable because it gives you insight into the behavior patterns of your visitors.

* Piwik – If you don’t trust your data coming from someone else’s server, this platform allows you to carry it on your own server. Piwik is open source and self-hosted, but it is just as functional as Google Analytics. Some of the best developers from around the world have worked on the code and most agree that the software is high quality.

2. is a unique tool that allows you to get some feedback before you even go live with your website. You post your ideas for your business along with the marketing plan and design ideas to see what others think of it. Other marketers and website designers using the tool will give you feedback, which will help you strengthen the plan before you go live. There are some experienced marketers and designers hanging around, so a lot of the feedback is genuinely helpful.


Have you ever wondered what keywords and strategies your biggest competitors are using? is a free website analytics tool that will give you some general idea of what keywords they are targeting and where their website traffic may be coming from, so you can remain competitive with them. The information may not always be up-to-date and extremely accurate, but it is still very valuable information.

Note that you only get limited information with the free version of If you are willing to pay you can get more detailed, comprehensive data, but the free version still gives a very good idea of what other websites are up to.

You can’t beat free when it comes to website analytics. If you don’t want to invest in a paid platform until you know the website is worth it, stick with these programs rather than going without the data.


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