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It doesn’t matter what type of page you are building or what it will be used for, you are going to need website graphics!

Not every page will demand images, but with the right ones the page will come alive and fill in with depth and creativity. While you don’t want to spend a lot of money on website graphics, you should know they can add value to website graphics every project you work on.

You can use stock photos and clipart for literally every marketing campaign you run. I’m going to give you a fast rundown of the top five sites currently offering website graphics & stock images. Some are free while others have a small fee You will notice the quality of the photos and clipart go up the more you have to pay.

Jupiter Images Offers High Quality Website Graphics

Go to Jupiter Images when you want high quality stock photos that are professionally done. This is for projects that need to be extremely high quality with that professional touch. You won’t be happy paying their prices for low budget projects, but for those that can afford higher quality this is a great place to look.

You have the option of subscribing to Jupiter for a week or a month at a time. The charge for a week is $100 and a month is $250. You can use up to 25 images a day once you have subscribed. If you don’t need this many high quality images it might not be worth the price, but for those building several sites a week this is a great resource.


You can access an estimated 400,000 stock photos at Many are offered free while some have a small fee. There are also photos drawn from print databases, governments, and a variety of other resources. This is heaven for anyone needing free website graphics or photos of good quality.

There are some guidelines on how you can use the images featured here and who you have to give credit to. This information is right on the page with each image so you always know what the terms are and if there is a small fee. Follow the rules and you will have tons of great images to select from for every project.


You have millions of options when you shop iStockPhoto for website graphics. While you will have to pay for these, there are many to choose from and the prices are very reasonable. You will find many images relating to specific locations and which have used real models on this site.

This site also has a great search engine that makes it easier to maneuver the many images in their library.

You can get a lot of cheap images here, typically in the ballpark of $2. If you are going to use the images for resale or direct marketing in print you will have to pay for extended rights. You can also choose between different resolution options which are offered at different prices.


This is where you go for the quirky, unusual clipart that makes your site fun and exciting to visit. Think arrows, buttons, and cartoon characters. With close to 8 million clipart offerings, this is paradise for clipart fanatics.

iClipart operates on a subscription basis and each package delivers different sizes and qualities of clipart images. It starts with the $12.95 plan which gives you unlimited access to smaller sized pieces and ends with the professional subscription which gives access to larger, higher quality clipart images.

Website Graphics From Wikipedia

The majority of website graphics put up on Wikipedia pages are royalty free, which means you can use them for some basic marketing purposes. You of course have to give credit to where they were obtained, but this is a great resource many people don’t know about.

You can’t just snag Wikipedia photos without looking for the license agreement first, but you will find most are listed as creative commons or public domain. Just put a little blurb crediting the site as the source somewhere on your site and you are covered.

It doesn’t matter what you are selling or what type of marketing campaign you are working on. Use all of these sites as needed and you will always have website graphics to use on all of your marketing projects.

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