How to Create Website Header Graphics that Demand Attention

As an online entrepreneur, you spend a lot of your time making sure your content is keyword rich yet useful to your readers, keeping your blog or website full of fresh posts, and interacting with interested customers through Facebook and Twitter. These big jobs occupy your time while some of the smaller, yet equally important jobs are brushed off or completed quickly with little care.

One of the small jobs often undervalued is the website header graphic. This is the banner or title that your visitors see when they read one of your articles, reviews, or look at your link page.

Oh, you’re not a graphic designer? You don’t understand how to create an attention-grabbing website header? That is no reason to neglect this very important detail of marketing online! You can always outsource this small task or use a free tool like XHeader to learn how to make them yourself.

XHeader allows you to make an eye-grabbing website header in less than a minute and allow you to pull background patterns and text together professionally.

Where Do You Get XHeader and Start Creating Your First Beautiful Website Header?

Are you interested in saving some money and doing this yourself? Head over to and pick up your free basic version of the software. Other than giving your email address and receiving their newsletter from time to time, there are no strings connecting to your pocketbook with the basic version. Of course, the basic version doesn’t have all of the background and theme options that come with the Pro version, which is not free.

If you just want to develop some basic web design skills and create rather basic website header graphics you won’t need to pay for the Pro version. If on the other hand you want more advanced header graphics or build hundreds of sites and want a lot of variety, then it is worth the price to upgrade to the Pro version.

Customizing Your Website Header with XHeader

Building a customized website header has never been easier than it is with XHeader. You are offered a list of templates and you simply select the background that catches your interst. You can then select from lists of effects and insert your text and have it added to that template. There is even a blank template if you want to get more creative.

website header

This is kind of like an image editor, but it is simpler. Image editors have a lot of advanced tools that don’t come with XHeader, but that’s because you don’t need them to make basic website headers!

Here are some things that can be done effectively and quickly with XHeader:

  • Easy Template Selection: There are 500 templates offered with the free version of XHeader, but they are all arranged into categories so it is fast and easy to find what you want. Quality can vary, but most are nice looking. You can also go with a blank template and do the website header design yourself.
  • Shapes and Image Addition: You can select from different lines, shapes and images to add onto your choosen template, or just go with basic text in the font of your choice. You can also carefully determine where all of these elements appear on the template. Just make sure the main message is the focal point and other elements are not too distracting.
  • Well Designed Text: You can select the font and change the size of your text to ensure it fits perfectly on you website header. You never want text hanging off the edges or taking over the box in an unappealing manner.
  • Special Effects: The special effects are often what make a website header graphic pop off the screen and grab attention. Some effects available with XHeader include shadows, transparency, chisels, outlines, embosses, and glows.

What makes XHeader such an easy to use image editor is that the templates eliminate the need to worry about sizing and aesthetics. All of that is done for you so the process is simplified and faster. All you have to do with XHeader is ensure your color selections are eye-popping and your text is perfectly arranged. Creating website header graphics has never been easier.

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