Make Money On YouTube

make money on YouTubeCan You  Really Make Money On YouTube?

How much time do you devote to creating videos? If you are like thousands of other Internet marketers you waste away quite a few hours on this task, but it doesn’t have to be all for nothing. You can take those video making talents and turn them into profits by making use of one website loved around the world: Yes, you can make money on YouTube!

Make Money On YouTube With Site Promotions

YouTube was originally used by marketers to generate website traffic. Marketers would put up videos related to their niche and then attach a link to their website or blog in their profile or signature. People who found the video insightful or entertaining would click through to check out the website.

To get started, to make money on YouTube you need to look around to find an area or topic that hasn’t been covered yet. Create a series of seminars or lectures that fills that need and post them with your links.

While this is still a legitimate way to use YouTube, you can do so much more with it.

Partnering on YouTube

Things have changed on YouTube since it was bought out by Google. You can now sign up as a partner and put ads right into your videos. When someone clicks these ads you make money on YouTube, just as you would with the AdSense program that is offered from Google to monetize websites. In order to become a partner your website must be preapproved through Google and then you are free to start advertising within your videos.

This is the easiest way to make money on YouTube because you simply insert the ads into your video and wait for them to be clicked.

Building Your Email List

If email marketing is a part of your marketing plan, you can use YouTube to add prospects to your list. You are not allowed to place an opt in for email programs on the actual YouTube site but a simple watermark on your video or in your bio can point people who like the video to click through to your squeeze page. The opt in for email will be on the squeeze page.

While these videos may not earn you actual profits like the ads would, you will have a larger list which of course could lead to even greater profits down the line.

Affiliate Promotions

Are you involved with affiliate marketing? If so, you can even use YouTube to promote your affiliate products. Simply create videos that are intriguing and related in some fashion to the product and then point people in the direction of the website where they can purchase the product.

You could even use video that is already out there and just put in a watermark pointing to the affiliate product, but make sure you aren’t in violation of any copyright laws.

This is a great way for marketing newbies to get started and make money on youtube.

The New Rental Option To Make Money On YouTube

If you don’t like putting high quality video on YouTube because others can benefit from it without paying you a dime, Google has announced plans to do something about that concern. They will soon release a new rental option where you can charge a small fee to viewers who want to see your seminars or lectures. This will be a great way for high quality video producers to make money on YouTube beyond ad insertions.

Over the past five years YouTube has been an experimental tool for Internet marketers. Now that Google has taken over things are picking up and it is no longer in the experimental phase. This is a tool that you must use if you want to get the most out of your marketing plan.

You will find success beyond your wildest imagination once you get the hang of how to use this valuable outlet. Yes, you can make money on YouTube.

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