Secrets to YouTube Advertising – Help Your Video Rise Up the Ranks

Let’s jump right to the heart of  YouTube advertising and discuss how YouTube works. From there it will be easier to understand how to get your video up in the ranks.

youtube advertisingYou may be an expert when it comes to SEO for text products, but YouTube is an entirely new world. This is one of the trickiest marketing resources because the rules are all different and you have to do things differently. I’ve been on both sides of it. I have struggled to get my video noticed and I have seen the huge success that can come when YouTube advertising is done correctly.

When video first started being used online for marketing purposes, there was no exact science to guide anyone toward success. Today, there are top video marketers who have paved the way and established some standards and tricks that can be used for higher levels of success.

Let’s take a closer look at YouTube advertising so you can find your mistakes and turn them into winning strategies.

Video & The Search Engines

You have been living under a rock if you haven’t noticed that videos are now showing up in search engines results all over Google and other search engines. Getting your video on these pages is a great way to gain exposure for your business, but you might be wondering how they determine the content of these video clips and how they are being sorted and ranked.

One thing that seems to weigh heavily in the algorithm with Google is the comment field offered on YouTube. Since Google is looking for sites and videos that other people find useful and entertaining, they will naturally reward videos that receive a lot of attention from YouTube fans. Yet, you can’t always count on this skyrocketing your YouTube advertising to page one for a given keyword.

Another factor that can get you ranked higher is to use the embedded link to your YouTube video on your website. Getting your video syndicated on other websites helps as well. Those links pointing in to your video are very valuable.

Ranking on YouTube

Understanding your ranking with Google is one thing, but the ranking within YouTube itself is a whole other ballgame. When someone searches for keywords on the YouTube site the videos delivered are chosen from their title, description, and meta tags.

The rankings are influenced by a variety of factors, including:

  • Overall Ratings
  • Flags Received
  • Off-Site Embeds
  • On-Site Shares
  • Comments
  • Video Age
  • Long Term Views

In general, the higher ranked videos are those that have been there awhile but which pull in a lot of viewers. Even if you have tons of comments, the number of viewers coming in to watch the video will rank higher.

YouTube Rankings in the Future

SEO is never a one-track strategy. You have to pull all of these things together to create a keyword rich description to a video that draws in lots of traffic.

If you’ve noticed the rise in PowerPoint converted videos on YouTube you may have some suspicion that some changes are on the horizon. Google is currently working on updating the technology used on the site so ranking and categorizing can incorporate the actual content in the video, as well as watermarks and text displayed on the screen during the video.

The spiders are actually quite sophisticated as they can take the words presented in the video and add them to the HTML code behind the screen. This is probably not going to be a fully functional feature of the site for a couple years, but you can start right now by adding keywords into your video descriptions.

Content has always been king and it remains the same with YouTube Advertising.

If you want very high rankings and a lot of video exposure you have to make high quality videos that others want to watch. Give them what they want and watch them come!

YouTube loves videos that pull in lots of viewers. That’s all you have to focus on to climb the YouTube advertising ranks.

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